Catalog 50: Animal Instinct

July 18, 2024

The roar of an animal in the throws of combat can be scary as hell. At MBW we like to think our fierce Muscle Boys posses that true animal instinct and they are often not afraid to let it loose! In Catalog 50 there are roars, slaps, punches, slams, and screams of victory in abundance as our boys tear into each other like wolves protecting their pack. No matchup better illustrates this idea than seeing Monstah Mike claw into a helpless Jack Bailey. It’s the lion vs the mouse but with an ass pounding ending! Tripp Evans and Luke Truong also put on a rough and hot display while Jesse and Lucas make erotic wrestling a worthy subtext of all things animalistic. Inside the ring, Nick Flex and Joey McCoy have one of the roughest ring matches ever filmed for underground wrestling. All in all, this catalog will bring out the beast in all of you! 

Monstah Mike vs Jack BaileyHD27 min

Monstah Mike vs Jack Bailey

With both wrestlers in sexy thongs, this mismatch delivers the fucking goods. Mike is a master at sexy domination and to be honest he’s pretty much EVERYONE’S master isn’t he? Jack loves punishment but I don’t think he realized just how much of a beating he was in for. There are several chokes, slaps, muscle worship, some humiliation and a headscissor that doubles as a nasty choke! This master vs boy scene is Mike at his best and Jack loves every second of it - we know you will too!

Lucas Leon vs Jesse ZaneHD39 min

Lucas Leon vs Jesse Zane

Erotic magnetism isn’t always something you can teach. Jesse and Lucas are prime examples of two dudes SO into wrestling that is naturally turns into erotic play. The holds are sensual and slow but the hard ons are numerous and bulging. There are several hot face-sitting moments as well as trunks being shoved into each other’s mouths. Lucas being put in some hot pretzel holds at the hands of the spladle master Jesse Zane. They do lots of Naked wrestling and of course that’s the moment Jesse decides to roll Lucas up in some hot spladles displaying his prey’s butt and hole for all the world to see!

Luke Truong vs Tripp EvansHD31 min

Luke Truong vs Tripp Evans

In very hot pro gear, these two gorgeous Muscle Boys seem to really like each other. What starts out with friendly banter and some making out turns into an all out back and forth match that both boys ache to win. Tripp wrests control and executes some very hot ball torture, a surfboard, a deep camel and some face sitting that will make your trunks twitch. Tripp also dives into some nipple torture to put an exclamation point on his beat down. The action is brutal and truly back and forth which always makes for a hot match.

Joey McCoy vs Nick FlexHD29 min

Joey McCoy vs Nick Flex

BRUTAL. That’s the one and only word that can truly describe the unbelievably rough fight that Nick and Joey have inside the squared circle. It is extremely rare to see this level of skill and stiff action in underground wrestling. We are not letting out any secret to inform you that these guys HATE each other. It’s real and it’s palpable - that's not hyperbole it’s fact. This match is not for the faint of heart but Joey has plenty of fucking heart and he just keeps kicking out! Joey is really pissed at the thrashing he is getting his heart grows to the size of a giant and he fights back with a ferocity we almost never see on the wrestling scene.