Nick Flex

Nick Flex

Nick Flex MBW Exclusive

Age: 37

Weight: 225 lb

Height: 5 ft 11 in

Nick Flex Videos

Johnny Greco vs Nick FlexHD26 min

Johnny Greco vs Nick Flex

What took so long?! These two MBW studs FINALLY go head to head in the ring and the result is nothing short of pro style mastery. Nick knows his way around a ring and has manhandled all the big men of MBW. Johnny also has earned his trunks in the ring and although he is the victim of a VICOUS beating by Nick in this video, we always knew a comeback and some payback was in the cards. This is rough pro style that you beg for fans and we also want to give it to you in spades…especially when you beg!

Lobo Gris vs Nick FlexHD28 min

Lobo Gris vs Nick Flex

We figured there had to be SOMEONE out there who could give Nick Flex a real fight in the ring. Lobo Gris rising up for that honor was not on our bingo card for 2023 but damn is this a great surprise! Not many MBW wrestlers can claim to have gone toe to toe with Nick Flex and survive but Lobo does that and a whole lot more. Lobo will have to endure a barrage of rough punishment but nothing will prepare you for the incredible suspended surfboard Nick traps Lobo in. This is great pro wrestling all the way around and we know the fans will absolutely LOVE it.

Scrappy McNair vs Nick FlexHD31 min

Scrappy McNair vs Nick Flex

Scrappy McNair barefoot and in tiny red trunks sure is what a legend LOOKS like. Nick Flex is a legend in his own mind and this collision course between two MBW originals has been a long time cuming. There is no wrestler better at selling a squash than the smooth and golden-haired Scrappy. Nick just THRASHES Scrappy at every turn. As his sculpted body gets tossed around the room and used like a rag doll we can’t help thinking about how HOT Scrappy is at everything and how HOT Nick is at beating someone to a fine pulp. Enjoy it fans, you’ve earned it.

Nick Flex vs Brad HoneycuttHD24 min

Nick Flex vs Brad Honeycutt

Don’t BLINK! This match is fast and furious and way more HOT and ROUGH than repetitive movie franchises. Nick Flex knows he can dominate in the ring with a barrage of stomps, chokes and slams. Very few have given Nick Flex a run for their money in the MBW ring and low and behold it is none other than Brad Honeybutt. This smooth pretty boy is up for the challenge! When we deciced to call Cat 34 “BRAWLING” were weren’t kidding. We are prone to say “this match has it all” but in reality fans…this match HAS IT ALL!

Derek Bolt vs Nick FlexHD34 min

Derek Bolt vs Nick Flex

It’s a rarity here at MBW when Nick gets naked with anyone but with Derek? Who could resist all that MUSCLE? These two seem to want to beat each other up but whenever the action grows in intensity somebody decides it’s just as fun to suck dick and make out! There is also enough hot nipple play to last a lifetime! Squared circle sexyiness never felt so gooood.

Gunnar Stone vs Nick Flex HD27 min

Gunnar Stone vs Nick Flex

Thick behemoth vs thick behemoth! The testosterone was at full tilt the day Stone met Flex. Men will be men and men like to fight or at least that’s the takeaway from this sweaty tussle! Gunnar oozes sweat and anger from every muscle and Nick always love to beat up another big man so we knew this would be like catching lightning in a bottle. When two mountains clash you know it’s going to be a slugfest but this match also has good action and a great variety of back and forth.

Quin Quire vs Nick FlexHD30 min

Quin Quire vs Nick Flex

We all know what a rough and tough stud Nick Flex is but seeing him literally lick his chops at the sight of Quin Quire really got our juices flowing. The sparks are real as we see a true Dom master and his muscled prey circle each other. This one has a sensual role play quality that brings it to another level! Quin sloooowly licks Nick’s boots and he is really enjoying himself! As Quin’s big expressive eyes look up at Nick we can only enjoy the show and fantasize about which role we wish we were playing in this super sexy MBW fantasy world!

Blake Hunter vs Nick FlexHD33 min

Blake Hunter vs Nick Flex

Blake Hunter’s much talked about giant hard on seems only to rage when he is getting the shit kicked out of him. This erotic matchup with Nick Flex proves that theory! Blake is given the ass whupping he clearly craves and he gets to have Nick’s cock in his mouth for extra pleasure. This is the most erotic match Nick has ever participated in. Seeing Blake’s giant cock packed into his pink pro wrestling trunks we can clearly see why Nick is so turned on. These big men are REALLY into each other but that doesn’t prevent Nick from smacking Blake so much that most of his body is beat red by the time it’s over.

Nick Flex vs Spencer HawkinsHD28 min

Nick Flex vs Spencer Hawkins

This fierce clash is a bounty of pro wrestling moves and holds and neither fighter holds back. There are suplexes and bodyslams and bodies flying all over the ring for the duration of the match. Spencer has the balls to get into a rough scrap with Nick and he pays the price for his courage. We all know what happends when Nick is pissed! His opponent is going to take the brunt of his rage and his rage is fearsome.

Nick Flex & Austin Tyler vs Corey Turner & Santiago FigueroaHD31 min

Nick Flex & Austin Tyler vs Corey Turner & Santiago Figueroa

Tag team action! Nick Flex and Austin Tyler do NOT get along. But when facing a couple of pretty twinks they put aside their squabbles and realize these two twinky jobbers are too tasty to pass up! Corey and Santi arrive in cool joe sunglasses and think “we got this”. What they get is an old fashioned one sided tag team SQUASH complete with double clotheslines, double suplexes, and enough body slams to start an earthquake. This tag team annihilation is one you will watch over and over!