Nick Flex

Nick Flex

Nick Flex

Age: 31

Weight: 215 lb

Height: 5 ft 11 in

Nick Flex Videos

Nick Flex vs AspenHD29 min

Nick Flex vs Aspen

This VERY long back and forth match is a dirty brawl that seems personal to these gorgeous hunks. You would think Nick would power through cocky Aspen and he does. But hold up! Aspen surprises the big man and knocks him off his feet several times. In fact, Aspen gives Nick the most punishment he’s EVER taken in MBW! Nick ain’t new here and he won’t go down without a FIGHT!

Austin Tyler vs Nick FlexHD27 min

Austin Tyler vs Nick Flex

Two of our BEST pro wrestlers GO AT IT from the opening bell and WOW does this one deliver! Slams, racks, bearhugs, stomps, sub holds, ball busting, camels, chokes, and piledrivers...and Austin is in see through white trunks!

Nick Flex vs Tommy DoyleHD27 min

Nick Flex vs Tommy Doyle

Tommy Doyle is everyone’s favorite pretty boy and Nick Flex is anxious to take him apart in the ring! Nick gives Tommy a master class in domination and punishment with big ring moves like a running powerslam, punishing sub holds, and lots of humiliation - it's all here fans!

Ethan Axel Andrews vs Nick FlexHD28 min

Ethan Axel Andrews vs Nick Flex

Watching these two size each other up and trash talk will get your heart pounding and HOLY SHIT this one a barn burner! These two stars GO AT IT so rough you may want to dial the paramedics. Enjoy the ride and soak in two of the sexiest and most skilled studs in all of underground wrestling!

Corey Badger Boy Turner vs Nick FlexHD21 min

Corey Badger Boy Turner vs Nick Flex

Welcome Corey “Badger Boy” Turner! This kid is a sexy punk with wrestling experience and an attitude twice the size of his body weight! Big Nick Flex makes a meal of the badger and even though there is no doubt who will devour who, WOW is it fun to watch big Nick toy and play with the badger before an ABSOLUTE squash! If you like watching a sexy twink suffer over and over then this one is for you!

Jessie Lee vs Nick FlexHD25 min

Jessie Lee vs Nick Flex

We admit it! We like to bring in super hot muscle boys like Jessie Lee and let our resident rough heel Nick Flex beat the fucking crap out of them. This one has TONS of suplexes, powerslams, punches, and tombstone piledrivers! Jessie takes it all and you will be left wondering if he will survive this TOTAL onslaught.

Justin Powers vs Nick FlexHD39 min

Justin Powers vs Nick Flex

The match all of MBW universe has been waiting for: our two superstars Justin and Nick in a fight for the ages! Both of these gorgeous bad ass muscle boys have WRECKED their previous opponents and boy is it hot to watch them beat the fuck out of each other. Smaller Justin quickly puts all doubt to rest by coming out fast! Fear not MBW fans - Nick isn’t gonna let pretty boy Justin have all the fun! Nick HAMMERS Justin and both these boys end up naked in the end as Nick uses Justin’s mouth as his personal pumping station & ravages Justin’s bubble ass.

Double Gut Punch 2HD20 min

Double Gut Punch 2

The 2nd installment of our “double gut punch” series returns! Two GP vids for the price of one! Nick Flex savagely hammers Taylor’s abs for so long they eventually turn red as fuck! Then giant Russian bad boy Viktor brutally punishes Max Apollo with gut slugs and stomps to his abs.

Alex Costa vs Nick FlexHD26 min

Alex Costa vs Nick Flex

If you ever fantasized about beating the FUCK out of a stud like Alex then this one’s for you! Halfway through both bodyuilders end up in see through jock straps and there is tons of old school slams, gut punches, ass slaps, chokes, and big firgure 4 leg lock. Nick proves once and for all there is only one big man who can totally dominate another big man in MBW!

Nick Flex vs Luke MaxwellHD22 min

Nick Flex vs Luke Maxwell

Big Muscle vs Big Muscle! As many of our MBW fans have expressed Luke Maxwell is fucking HOT. Big Nick Flex is your opponent Luke and Big Nick likes to pummel big boys like YOU. Nick LOVES delivering power moves on smaller guys in the ring. Can he do the same with someone as big as Big Luke? Hell YES he can! Nick turns sexy Luke into his jobber play toy and tosses him around with ease and those power moves are done with AUTHORITY. Stomps, punches, forearms smashes, slams, plexes, mat holds, clotheslines, fists to the head, and MANY many more. Enjoy it fans!