John "WolfBoy" Woods

John "WolfBoy" Woods

John "WolfBoy" Woods

Weight: 160lbs

Height: 5'8"

John "WolfBoy" Woods Videos

John Wolfboy vs Rory RileyHD51 min

John Wolfboy vs Rory Riley

The Pack have been begging for Wolfboy to go full erotic so here it is fans - you ask, we deliver! This being the first glimpse of Wolfboy’s massive dick and superior fucking skills we knew this one had to have tons of wrestling action and tons of hot sex - the nearly one hour video has all that and more! Rory’s gets plowed every which way and even manages to ride that giant Wolf dick before both boys are a heap of hot exhaustion on the mat. For the ultimate finisher, Wolfboy sprays his ample load all over Rory’s boyish face!

John Wolfboy Woods vs Jesse ZaneHD51 min

John Wolfboy Woods vs Jesse Zane

The Wolf has arrived! John Woods ROARS (or howls?) into MBW with a vengeance and Wolfboy seems ready to kick some ass. Problem is Jesse Zane has heard damn near enough about this loud mouth punk and wants to put knock him down a few pegs. Jesse challenges Wolfboy to a stakes match and then viciously tears apart Wolfboy limb from limb.