Derek Bolt

Derek Bolt

Derek Bolt MBW Exclusive

Weight: 220lbs

Height: 5.10

Derek Bolt Videos

Derek Bolt vs Jesse ZaneHD36 min

Derek Bolt vs Jesse Zane

Derek Bolt is a porn superstar and this hot grapple with Jesse Zane will only solidify his rep as the hottest bodybuilder in all of underground wrestling. Bolt enters in pro gear and Zane is in amateur gear. After some back and forth about which style will prevail, Derek starts hammering Zane with body shots and his power throttles Jesse -at first. Once Jesse is in control then the wrestling turns into our signature erotic wrestling mixed with hot sub holds and sensual play. By the end, the sweat will fly, the cum will spew, and our fans appetite will be finally be sated with a super hot Derek Bolt match!

Derek Bolt vs Nick FlexHD34 min

Derek Bolt vs Nick Flex

It’s a rarity here at MBW when Nick gets naked with anyone but with Derek? Who could resist all that MUSCLE? These two seem to want to beat each other up but whenever the action grows in intensity somebody decides it’s just as fun to suck dick and make out! There is also enough hot nipple play to last a lifetime! Squared circle sexyiness never felt so gooood.

Derek Bolt vs Joey McCoyHD30 min

Derek Bolt vs Joey McCoy

Joey McCoy has taken on big bodybuilders before at MBW and usually this little spark plug gets manhandled and mauled. When we decided to let Derek have his way with him nothing could have prepared us for what comes next! He attacks Derek from below the waist and actually has some success at it! Not only that fans…wait for it…LITTLE Joey actually scoops up 230lbs Derek and bodyslams him! There are surprises left and right in this one and we won’t reveal the ending but we know our fans are gonna love seeing the little guy in the drivers seat.

Derek Bolt vs Austin TylerHD25 min

Derek Bolt vs Austin Tyler

Every time we see Derek Bolt do a double bicep flex while straddling Austin Tyler we are convinced that somewhere a gay man just fainted. This guy is so built and so hot his sweat could be sold for the price of gold. Going up against an experienced pro wrestler like Austin, Bolt is out to prove he can wrestle pro like the best of them. When he takes over the bout in the center of the ring, the chokes and sub holds he puts on Bolt are much sexier and rougher than we’ve seen previously from Austin. He’s gonna go rough and he going to dish it out on Bolt! This is true old school pro wrestling with a stiff edge that we know our fans love.

Derek Bolt vs Gabe Steel HD32 min

Derek Bolt vs Gabe Steel

Derek Bolt has battled through a good chunk of the MBW roster but he’s never faced off with Gabe Steel and fans you’ve NEVER seem him like this! Bolt thrashes Gabe with hammers to the pecs, shoulders blocks to the gut, and some hot slams and suplexes. His variation of a chicken wing turns Gabe into a human pretzel and that is just the first section of this super rough match up! Derek has played the bad boy before but something about Gabe has his trunks in a knot and he wants to show this underground star who the baddest bad ass is in the ring!

Derek Bolt vs Nick MilaniHD49 mins

Derek Bolt vs Nick Milani

Nick has a thing for muscle bears and likes to get his ass kicked (and fucked). To which we respond: bring in the BOLT! Derek is almost 3 times the size of Nick and he toys with him for most of this one. Watching Nick’s flexible body bounce up and down in Derek’s rack will makes your junk tremble. Nick attempts his usual arsenal of attacks but dude this is DEREK BOLT! An attempt to bring down the big man with a sleeper falls in the “cute but not enough” category. Bolt’s wall of muscle is just too much to break down but damn it’s fun watching him attempt to chip away at a few bricks.

Derek Bolt vs Scrappy McNairHD27 min

Derek Bolt vs Scrappy McNair

Destiny? Fate? Written in the stars?! We knew this day would cum. Fans have been begging us for it and at MBW we like to make dreams a reality. Two wrestling muscle gods, one ring, and one winner! The two wrestling Titans of the world finally face off in the MBW ring and our fans will have a front row seat! Will Derek’s sheer brute power and towering muscle win in the end? Will Scrappy’s glistening muscles, ring skills, and heart win the day? Strap on your boots and trunks and enjoy the show fans!

Derek Bolt vs Marcus RyanHD50 min

Derek Bolt vs Marcus Ryan

Who wouldn’t want to spend 1 hour in the matroom with Derek Bolt?! Marcus Ryan is literally jumping up and down at the mere thought of it and a twink vs bodybuilder showdown delivers all your big vs small dreams in one hot package. Seeing the way Marcus eats up Derek’s massive chest will make you want it for breakfast every day! Then the big man power fucks the hell out of Marcus in every way known to man and wrestler. One hour in the matroom? It’s never enough when it comes to Derek but damn this one will have you drooling with delight!

Derek Bolt vs Max AdonisHD40 min

Derek Bolt vs Max Adonis

Max Adonis is as sneaky as he is sexy. Clearly mismatched against the god like Derek Bolt he tries all his devious seduction techniques to distract Derek from realizing they are standing in a wrestling ring and this is supposed to be a FIGHT. Max keeps at it, taking Derek’s nips and cock in his mouth whenever the opportunity (ahem) arises. But what really will turn your crank is how Max manages to trap Derek in some nifty sub holds and even dominates the big man! Bolt might not be having his best day in the ring and when the wrestlers strip down and start fucking and sucking he doesn’t seem to mind ending up on the bottom.

Derek Bolt vs Taylor ReignHD55 min

Derek Bolt vs Taylor Reign

MBW is proud to welcome back the incredibly talented and sexy Taylor Reign! This is the roughest we’ve ever seen both Taylor and Bolt inside the squared circle. This hour long video has all the rough and sexy wrestling action you crave - and Taylor’s muscle ass is the icing on the wrestling cake.