Catalog 48 - Punch Me / Fuck Me

May 09, 2024

Enough fucking around! In this catalog the Muscle Boys want to get rough, fuck each other’s brains out, and then get rough some more. The punches and the hole punching are fast and furious as all bets are off as to who will win any of these matches (and who will be NAILED). Happily there is great wrestling, hot erotic play, and enough pulse pounding butt railing to satisfy everyone! As was overheard from one of the boys behind the scenes when we described the vibe we wanted, he responded this way: “So it goes like this? Slam me, punch me, slap me and then pound my fucking hole while I shoot my load everywhere”. YEP, and that’s exactly how it goes down! 

Monstah Mike vs Carter CollinsHD38 min

Monstah Mike vs Carter Collins

Big Mike loves to dominate and control and then use a jobber as his personal cum dump. Against lean and gorgeous Carter Collins this combo platter of hotness proves to be a winning one. Mike first toys with Carter by trapping him in sensuous submission holds but our cocks perked up when he LEANS into Carter’s ripped abs with punches while caressing them and digging his fist DEEP into his gut. The gulps of cum that spew from Carter’s big dick certainly let us know just how much he loved getting taken apart and put back together by superstar Monstah Mike!

Jack Bailey vs Archie PaigeHD41 min

Jack Bailey vs Archie Paige

This one was by special request. Jack had his eye on Archie and asked the boss Rocco if he could have a piece of him to which he responded that it is likely he wants a piece of your ass. The way Archie RIPS into Jack’s body it’s no wonder that he didn’t remove whole chunks of his flesh with his teeth. Later, after a ton of stomps, gut punching, and nipple torture Archie finally gets what he came for which is to give Jack’s ass a proper thumping with his monster cock! Spewing cum also makes a guest star appearance and both wrestlers and our fans will leave sated and breathless.

Aiden Langston vs Andrew ConnorHD32 min

Aiden Langston vs Andrew Connor

Put a twink in Aiden’s vicinity and suddenly the dude is a heel - and a top! That’s fine with us because Aiden’s confidence and swagger has swelled lately and he’s got one of those perfect cocks that every twink wants to ride so why not let him fill their cup to the brim! When Andrew gets out of line, a hot and hard SLAP to the face puts stuns him and then it’s time for a 3 course ass eating contest and a slam it home style butt pounding. Big Twink vs Little Twink wasn’t something we thought we needed at MBW.

Liam Collins vs Jesse ZaneHD33 min

Liam Collins vs Jesse Zane

When two superstars collide there are bound to be fireworks but isn’t it better if it’s NAKED? Jesse takes the first shift and comes out fast with a nasty bodyslam, a powerful rack, a textbook Boston crab and a neatly nailed tombstone piledriver. The stars seem aligned for Jesse to be the dom but Liam is a slippery punk who rarely gives! He cracks back at Jesse with some ball grabs, gut punching and some ball torture. Once Jesse gets the last laugh you KNOW he will finish his prey. Another tombstone is forthcoming - this time NAKED. Honestly it might be the hottest naked tombstone we’ve ever seen.

Joey McCoy vs Johnny Grecco vs Drew HarperHD25 min

Joey McCoy vs Johnny Grecco vs Drew Harper

3 way anyone? No one would ever accuse Johnny of being a jobber which might explain why Drew and Joey decide to team up to work over this beefy stud and use every inch of the ring to do it. Johnny is taken off guard and it helps that Joey and Drew have decided to use ball busting as a means to an (HOT) end. Trapping him in the corner to try and choke him out with their boots and legs also is delicious fun. Then the stomping of the boots to Johnny’s balls begins and we couldn’t be more pleased! The double finisher he lays out Drew and Joey with is almost too good to be true if we hadn’t witnessed it ourselves. Check it out and prepare to be amazed!

Lucas Leon vs Roger AtlasHD28 min

Lucas Leon vs Roger Atlas

If you have gorgeous ripped pecs and hot sensitive nipples like Lucas Leon it only makes sense to torture them. Or so goes the thinking of Roger Atlas while he humiliates and punches the crap out of Lucas. Not to mention the fact that Roger never met a fist to the face he didn’t like - we like it too. As we watch him take apart Lucas we couldn’t help thinking how hot it would be if Lucas did a heel turn. Then LO AND BEHOLD Lucas rages at Roger and even manages to work over Roger’s pecs and nips! He may not be an all out heel just yet but the potential has begun to simmer inside his soul and this match proves he is hot in any role on our mats!