Scrappy McNair

Scrappy McNair

Scrappy McNair

Weight: 175lbs

Height: 5'7"

Scrappy McNair Videos

Scrappy McNair vs Joey McCoyHD34 min

Scrappy McNair vs Joey McCoy

Expectations…SURPASSED! This long sweaty battle between two of our sexiest muscle boys will go down in underground wrestling as an instant CLASSIC. We had high hopes for this one and the boys WAY exceeded our wildest dreams and deliver an all out brawl that will leave you clutching your singlet!

Scrappy McNair vs DanteHD36 min

Scrappy McNair vs Dante

Fans who finally got to see Scrappy’s naked bubble ass in his debut match in our last catalog will be glad to know his naked milky white butt of perfection is back and buck wild! He wails on Dante from every angle and traps him in racks, crabs, and a long head scissor that will make you BEG for more. Dante might be pretty but he’s no pussy and he literally flys back at Scrappy with ferocity and a barrage of wild moves and punches. And make no mistake fans, these pretty boys are not above some nasty ball torture!

Scrappy McNair vs Brendan ByersHD35 min

Scrappy McNair vs Brendan Byers

What better way to welcome the jacked muscle hunk Scrappy to MBW then to put him in a jockstrap and pit him against underground legend Brendan Byers?! Scrappy’s debut is a sweat drenched, all out, ball busting, ass slapping, gut stomping WAR! Brendan (aka Masked Bruiser) has torn off the mask and donned his leather daddy gear - and he’s in the mood to DOMINATE. He TEARS into the world’s hottest muscle boy with stomps, punches, chokes, racks, slams, camels, and more ball torture then we’ve ever seen!