Roger Atlas

Roger Atlas

Roger Atlas

Weight: 220lbs

Height: 5'9"

Roger Atlas videos are coming soon!

Roger Atlas Videos

Roger Atlas vs Blake StarHD27 min

Roger Atlas vs Blake Star

Blake Star makes an impressive debut against an even THICKER Roger Atlas. Roger’s wrestling skills and shit talking are the building blocks of a legend and at first this looks to be a classic Roger squash. But Blake is out to prove himself here at MBW and after he rocks Roger with some nasty clotheslines he takes control on the mat with some nifty mat holds. Watching Roger suffer is a ton of fun but then again watching Blake writhe in agony is hot as hell too!

Roger Atlas vs Tyson CarterHD26 min

Roger Atlas vs Tyson Carter

When these two meet up in the ring, the constantly thrashing bodies will have our fans dripping with delight. Roger toys with the newbie pretty boy for some of it but the way he stomps, slams and tortures him you’d think he wants to take him home and mount him over his fireplace. Ty is new to MBW and we have high hopes for him in the future but this hair flying, all out whipping is ALL Roger Atlas. We know our fans will eat up these spectacular studs and come back for seconds!

Roger Atlas vs Johnny GrecoHD29 min

Roger Atlas vs Johnny Greco

Roger Atlas has muscle, charisma, and the type of old school pro wrestling skills that will send our fans into orbit! For his first match we put him up against another talented adonis, Johnny Greco. This back and forth barn burner is a pro wrestling clinic that harkens back to the early days of Saturday morning pro wrestling. These two seem out for blood as they hammer, suplex, and bodyslam each other all over the ring!