Ricky Lee

Ricky Lee

Ricky Lee

Weight: 145lbs

Height: 5'7"

Ricky Lee Videos

Ricky Lee vs Evan SterlingHD32 min

Ricky Lee vs Evan Sterling

Evan Sterling is sowing his dom oats in this hot fuck match and lucky for him Ricky loves to get dominated and loves getting his ass nailed. When he racks Ricky (naked) and goes in on the boy’s balls we know we are in territory not seen before with Evan. Ricky suffers so indredibly hot that it’s possible just to get off on hearing him whine and moan! But there are many hot holds to work him over with first...and then the ass drilling can commence. The copious amounts of Evan's jizz all over his arched ass and hole will make you cum lovers drip with delight. This whole match is a an erotic wrestlers wet dream and we hope you dream it over and over.

Ricky Lee vs Jesse ZaneHD28 min

Ricky Lee vs Jesse Zane

If you are going to grapple you might as well do it naked, RIGHT? Before the trunks come off and the cum flys, these two boys really give grappling a good name. Ricky is a former school wrestler and Jesse is…well JESSE. The grappling is sexy and fast and furious but one thing is certain: Jesse is going to ride, pummel, hump, and humiliate jobber Ricky. And his signature spladle is clamped on Ricky like a vice grip and it has never been HOTTER. They hump and stroke and suck and find so much pleasure being all over each other once mutual orgasm is achieved. Let’s these boys take the edge off!

Monstah Mike vs Ricky LeeHD40 min

Monstah Mike vs Ricky Lee

This mismatch got our hearts racing from the moment these boys got on the mat. Mike is a natural rough dom and Ricky suffers as sexy as anyone on the MBW roster. Mike tosses him around the matroom he pounds the fuck out of Ricky (handcuffs still on) and wow does their kink flag fly. Also up for your consumption is the all out battering Mike gives Ricky with punches and slaps and chokes.