Pup Bandit

Pup Bandit

Pup Bandit

Weight: 210lbs

Height: 5'7"

Pup Bandit Videos

Ty Shadow vs Pup BanditHD41 min

Ty Shadow vs Pup Bandit

Who is up for some boners and punches and chokes? There is plenty of all 3 in this match up! Ty and Bandit are charged up and ready to rock. Speaking of rocks, the rock hard woody Ty is sporting from the get go is enough to make anyone wet. Pup is as thick as a brick shithouse and is ready to rumble. Ty takes hold of the first half of this match with skill and precision but Bandit is always prime for a comeback as he traps Ty is some hot holds and erotic seduction. And when the action goes naked, Ty makes a meal off of Bandit’s plump ass and then rides it to the sunset.

Brody Fox vs Pup BanditHD41 min

Brody Fox vs Pup Bandit

Who wants to flip fuck? In an MBW first, Brody and Pup do just that as the chemistry and cocks are impossible to calculate in this wrestling sextasy. Pup roughs up Brody a ton and the boy, as always, loves every second. But after the rough wrestling winds down it becomes apparent that the sparks between these two are so intense that both of their asses are going to get fucked and there is no stopping them. Sometimes at MBW we just have to turn the camera on and let the boys have their way with each other and this match is no exception.

Massimo Arad vs Pup BanditHD35 min

Massimo Arad vs Pup Bandit

Massimo Arad arrives to MBW with a rocking bod and a cock that will send you reeling. His match vs Pup Bandit can best be described with this phrase: “I went to a sex party and a wrestling match broke out!”. There is plenty of humping, kissing, and wrestling moves followed by a full on fuck fest that needs to be seen to be believed. The chemistry was off the charts between these two gorgeous men and the results are boner inducing!

Pup Bandit vs Evan SterlingHD44 min

Pup Bandit vs Evan Sterling

This is the ULTIMATE matchup of opposites, THICK, dom, and rough Pup Bandit goes against tall, lean, and proud jobber Evan Sterling. He also is giving Evan a stiff dose of ball torture, chops to his chest, and some HOT nose to nose choke holds! The choke hold is always prominent on Pup’s agenda - he also is obsessed with Evan’s creamy white bubble ass and feels the need to slap it over and over. Pup jackhammers Evan’s gorgeous round ass and we get to be the sneaky voyuers that witness all of it.

Pup Bandit vs Aiden LangstonHD42 min

Pup Bandit vs Aiden Langston

There may be no better purveyor of the wrestle/fuck style of MBW than Aiden Langston. His combo of sexy/rough is just what our fans love and he runs into the muscled Mack truck that is Pup Bandit. Bandit makes his debut like a hammer to a glass egg, smashing everything in his way. Whether delivering body blows or drilling Aiden with a bone crushing body slam, this boy love to wrestle rough and is into rough fucking. This is definitely NOT a squash match, Aiden likes to give as much as he gets and gives he does! Settle in fans cause the fucking is just as hot as the wrestling, especially when Bandit wipes his pits with his sweaty trunks and then shoves them in Aiden’s mouth (then plows him).