Catalog 47 - Erotic Grappling

April 13, 2024

Wanna roll bro? This catalog features some super hot grappling mixed with the MBW signature erotic play. Anyone who thinks “grappling” sounds rough and hot…well...IT IS. All the Muscle Boys in this catalog are all in for some sexy play but they also deliver tons of punches, slams, and sub holds too. It’s has all the hot wrestling action you expect from MBW and all the streamy erotic play you CRAVE. Ricky Lee gets worked over and humiliated by Jesse Zane. Pup Bandit gets pounded rough by Ty Shadow. Cam Crawford returns to take on Evan Sterling. And Luke Truong goes up agasint Zach Ramos in a barn burning mat match! Let’s do this!

Ty Shadow vs Pup BanditHD41 min

Ty Shadow vs Pup Bandit

Who is up for some boners and punches and chokes? There is plenty of all 3 in this match up! Ty and Bandit are charged up and ready to rock. Speaking of rocks, the rock hard woody Ty is sporting from the get go is enough to make anyone wet. Pup is as thick as a brick shithouse and is ready to rumble. Ty takes hold of the first half of this match with skill and precision but Bandit is always prime for a comeback as he traps Ty is some hot holds and erotic seduction. And when the action goes naked, Ty makes a meal off of Bandit’s plump ass and then rides it to the sunset.

Ricky Lee vs Jesse ZaneHD28 min

Ricky Lee vs Jesse Zane

If you are going to grapple you might as well do it naked, RIGHT? Before the trunks come off and the cum flys, these two boys really give grappling a good name. Ricky is a former school wrestler and Jesse is…well JESSE. The grappling is sexy and fast and furious but one thing is certain: Jesse is going to ride, pummel, hump, and humiliate jobber Ricky. And his signature spladle is clamped on Ricky like a vice grip and it has never been HOTTER. They hump and stroke and suck and find so much pleasure being all over each other once mutual orgasm is achieved. Let’s these boys take the edge off!

Cam Crawford vs Evan SterlingHD33 min

Cam Crawford vs Evan Sterling

Tall, hot, thick and HUNG, Cam Crawford is the epitome of a muscle bound dom. Ripped and gangly Evan is the perfect foil for Cam’s quiet confidence. Cam has a way of seducing his opponents with a subtle blend of domination and eroticism that will make you drip with excitement. Once Cam is seated in a chair and getting his huge dick serviced we know where this is going! And goes there it does, as Evan is railed all over the mat room and his ass is sprayed with Cam’s cum.

Luke Truong vs Zach RamosHD29 min

Luke Truong vs Zach Ramos

Bit of a mismatch huh? Not so fast fans. This incredibly entertaining brawl has unexpected turns left and right! Zach of course is massive and thick and sexy and Luke is little and ripped and gorgeous. The making of a good squash? Nope. Trust us, Zach dominates the fuck out of Luke and it’s sexy as hell but throw out whatever previous notion you had about Luke as king of the jobbers. He’s out to prove he can rumble with the biggest of the boys and his spunky confidence shines in this back and forth battle that with make your jaw drop. Zach even spanks Luke over his knee after he strips him down to his rainbow thong! The camel clutch and proceeding punches that Zach slaps on Luke is rough wrestling personified. Both boys manage to get a submission from their opponent but who gets the final pin? The shocking ending is best experienced without spoilers!