Catalog 1 - Muscle Boy Throwdown

April 30, 2017

Welcome to Catalog One! Our first catalog launch is filled with hot guys going at it in several wrestling styles. Like muscle? Like wrestling? You’ve come to the right place! Our stable of the hottest wrestling muscle boys will NOT disappoint!

Aryx Quinn vs Ryan DonovanHD31 min

Aryx Quinn vs Ryan Donovan

Who doesn’t love cocky muscle stud Aryx Quinn? Watch him take apart newbie pretty boy Ryan Donovan in a vicious squash. Posedowns, gut punching, face sitting, head/body scissors, ball grabs, camels, bear hugs, pec claws - this one has it all!

Taylor Reign vs Logan CrossHD21 min

Taylor Reign vs Logan Cross

The moment we met flexible boy toy Logan we knew we found a STAR! So we signed him to an exclusive contract. This kid is everyone’s jobber fantasy come true. We put him against another exclusive, super sexy stud Taylor Reign.

Jesse Zane vs Connor O'ReillyHD26 min

Jesse Zane vs Connor O'Reilly

Musclebound Connor has a tiny waist, a big muscle ass, giant thick pecs -and loves to touch himself and clearly gets off on wrestling. He starts in a singlet and then strips down into see through white briefs. His opponent is Jesse Zane, a well established wrestling star ready to enjoy Connor's bod.

Jesse Zane vs Logan CrossHD33 min

Jesse Zane vs Logan Cross

When two young muscle boys are into each other and go at it on the mats, nothing is hotter. And when all the gear comes off and both of these dudes get off together it instantly becomes a show stopping rock hard MBW classic.

Taylor Reign vs Ryan DonovanHD28 min

Taylor Reign vs Ryan Donovan

Twink vs Twink. Two pretty boys trying to make a name for themselves while sporting skimpy speedo’s. Taylor is already sick and tired of his jobber reputation.

Tiger vs Jesse ZaneHD31 min

Tiger vs Jesse Zane

Submisison lovers take a look! Both of these ripped boys like to torture their opponents with grinding and punishing sub holds. They don’t call Zane “spladle boy” for nothing.

Travis Bennett vs Taylor ReignHD18 min

Travis Bennett vs Taylor Reign

Travis is gorgeous but damn he can wrestle! Trained pro wrestler Travis vs eager newbie Taylor turns out to be a hot combo. Travis starts working over Taylor with slugs and smashes right away. Taylor reverses and gets two early head scissors and starts drilling Bennett’s abs with gut punches.

Taylor Reign vs Jesse ZaneHD29 min

Taylor Reign vs Jesse Zane

Jesse should always wear tight pink trunks! Taylor’s long, lean, ripped body looks good in everything! This match starts off friendly and light. But inside every pretty boy is a true warrior.

Bo Brady vs Logan CrossHD15 min

Bo Brady vs Logan Cross

The Giant vs the Little Jobber. Watching a bodybuilder pro wrestler like Bo old school squash the F out of newbie muscle boy Logan makes for a SUPER hot ring fantasy. Big Bo walks in and levels Logan and then starts punching and smashing Logan in the head and back.

Nick Flex vs Bruno the BeastHD30 min

Nick Flex vs Bruno the Beast

Musclebound Nero decided to re-name himself “the beast” for MBW and we think it fits perfectly with this stud’s bad ass erotic wrestling skills. But sometimes the biggest bodybuilder wins.

Bruno the Beast vs Ryan DonovanHD28 min

Bruno the Beast vs Ryan Donovan

THIS is the beast that we know. Muscle thick Bruno dominates lean and ripped Ryan throughout this one. Shoulder blocks, suplexes, pec/nips claws, flexing, gut punching, surfboard...

Jesse Zane vs Kevin LinHD23 min

Jesse Zane vs Kevin Lin

Is there a better body with hotter proportions than Kevin’s? This match proves Jesse Zane has heel skills and he works over Lin with chokes, nelsons, spladles, crabs, ball grabs, gut puches, and racks.

Luke Maxwell vs Connor O'ReillyHD27 min

Luke Maxwell vs Connor O'Reilly

Introducing Big Luke. He's muscled, butch, and loves to work over young muscle boys. In walks MBW exclusive Connor in orange trunks and silver arm bands. Connor likes to pull his trunks down and show off his ass - A LOT.

Jesse Zane vs Steve TannerHD32 min

Jesse Zane vs Steve Tanner

Musclebound bodybuilder/wrestler Steve sports wrestling trunks that PERFECTLY sculpt his ass and tree trunk legs. Jesse looks great in his tight trunks too but is out-matched by big Steve’s power. When the trunks come off and the jockstraps are revealed you will LOVE Tanner's huge ass in all it's glory!

Maxim Apollo vs Jesse ZaneHD19 min

Maxim Apollo vs Jesse Zane

Jesse Zane is an MBW star and musclebound Max is a star in the making! Want to see Jesse get destroyed in a very ROUGH pro squash? This one is for you. Ripped Max throws EVERYTHING at leaner Jesse and if pro wrestling skill and hot power moves are your thing then have at it and sit back and watch these two hunks make some heat!