Luke Truong

Luke Truong

Luke Truong

Weight: 140lbs

Height: 5'6"

Luke Truong Videos

Luke Truong vs Blake StarHD27 min

Luke Truong vs Blake Star

Slick it up boys! Oil wrestling is fucking HOT and when both of these ripped studs are in skimpy and see thru gear it leaves nothing to the imagination. Blake has been willing to get naked and slippery against other MBW stars and this matchup proves that even a little jobber like Luke can be quite a challenge. Luke is charged up and ready to fight and the oil only makes the action hotter and more sensual. Give in and get WET!

Luke Truong vs Lucas LeonHD28 min

Luke Truong vs Lucas Leon

Lucas Leon is a long time pro wrestling fan and in this smoking hot match vs Luke Truong he really breaks out of his shell. Watching him perfect some truly rough moves is a pleasure to watch. Meanwhile where has “Truong the Heel” been all our lives?! Luke must sense he needs to bring out the big moves in order to overpower the taller and more muscled Lucas. In the end, one of these two jobbers is gonna TOP the other and the bottom might not be who you think it is!

Luke Truong vs Aiden LangstonHD39 min

Luke Truong vs Aiden Langston

We love singlets and jockstraps at MBW and nobody fills them out better than our resident twunk Luke Truong! Luke goes up against equally hunky Aiden Langston in a slow and sexy gear themed match. Along the way Luke licks Aiden’s feet in such a sensual way it could turn anyone into a foot fetishist. After stripping down to jocks, Aiden puts Luke out in a sleeper and then fucks Luke raw with his jock on! First he pounds him on his back and then orders Luke to get on his hands and knees so he can drill him from behind. Playful erotic wrestling has NEVER been hotter!

Luke Truong vs Jack BaileyHD33 min

Luke Truong vs Jack Bailey

This slow and sexy roll is more playful that our usual "punch and slam" fest but it is SEXY as fuck. The gear is see through and skimpy which really shows off these boys gorgeously lean bodies. Bare feet also add to the luster of this erotic wrestle. Once Luke gives Jack the dick down of his life we know our fans will be shooting their loads faster than you can say “twink vs twink”.

Luke Truong vs Masyn ThorneHD31 min

Luke Truong vs Masyn Thorne

Fight or Fuck? Why choose, it'll be BOTH. These boys know their way around the MBW mat room and from the looks of it they know how to torture each other’s ball until they are both screaming in pain. Punching each other’s pecs and guts until they both have red marks all over seems to be the tactic from both sides. Masyn grabs the bull by the horns (or the boy by the balls?) and grand slams a bunch of home runs into Luke’s pretty butthole - from all over the yard. Once he’s rounding home inside the bottom in the 9th, Masyn pulls out and shoots all over Luke’s face.

Luke Truong vs Mack MahoneyHD42 min

Luke Truong vs Mack Mahoney

Luke Truong is back and he’s on a mission to sexually dominate newbie Mack Mahoney on the wrestling mats. Both these boys enjoy choking and eventually fucking the cum out of each other! Mack may be new to Muscleboy Wrestling but he’s no pushover, he dishes back what Luke delivers and he’s determined to claim Luke’s hole by any means necessary!

Damien Stone vs Luke TruongHD34 min

Damien Stone vs Luke Truong

Damien and Luke flirt and toy with each other in the first half of this match and neither seem too interested in beating each other up - but that doesn’t stop Damien from wrecking Luke in some hot mat holds! What is clear is that stoic muscle god Damien has his eye on Luke’s tight bubble ass and creamy hole. It’s no surprise that he decides to spit, play, and pound that hole in every possible position and there is no porn star in the biz that enjoys a good railing quite like Luke.

Luke Truong vs Jeremy DanielsHD34 min

Luke Truong vs Jeremy Daniels

In our view there is no cuter boy toy on the planet than Luke Truong. His gorgeous looks and tight body are a given but listen up fans…he LOVES wrestling! We tossed him into the mat room with experienced wrestler Jeremy Daniels and both of these boys threw themselves into this one. They love to kiss, grope, and grab each other’s balls in between wrestling holds. This battle was waged mostly on the ground with lots of erotic play. Jeremy buries his face in Luke’s bubble ass and then fucks this boy raw while Luke has a BIG smile on his face the whole time.