Kurt Fletcher

Kurt Fletcher

Kurt Fletcher

Weight: 165lbs

Height: 5'8"

Kurt Fletcher Videos

Joey McCoy vs Kurt FletcherHD35 min

Joey McCoy vs Kurt Fletcher

Great wrestling matches are often about contrast. MBW fans...THIS. IS. A. GREAT wrestling match! Joey is everyone’s favorite gorgeous boy toy who has an innocent face and the best sell in the biz. In shiny blue trunks that make his junk look like it’s swelling we know our fans will be turned on by this one! Kurt Fletcher is a long haired rocker dude who loves the spotlight and loves pounding on pretty boys. Joey’s trademark screams and facial expressions are all over the mat room and for a while it feels like this will be a total squash. Joey has other ideas!

Spencer Hawkins vs Kurt FletcherHD31 min

Spencer Hawkins vs Kurt Fletcher

Spencer Hawkins looks like a long lost cousin of the Von Erich brothers and suffers and sells ten times better than Kevin ever did. Long haired Kurt looks like a cross between Greg “The Hammer” Valentine and Sean Michaels and wrestles with just as much intensity! Spencer is all upbeat jobber hotness and Kurt is all business as he absolutely DESTROYS young Spencer with one of the nastiest squashes we’ve seen in a long time. Just witness poor Spencer’s head being punched repeteadly and used as a battering ram throughout.