Lucas Leon

Lucas Leon

Lucas Leon

Weight: 180lbs

Height: 5'11"

Lucas Leon Videos

Lucas Leon vs Roger AtlasHD28 min

Lucas Leon vs Roger Atlas

If you have gorgeous ripped pecs and hot sensitive nipples like Lucas Leon it only makes sense to torture them. Or so goes the thinking of Roger Atlas while he humiliates and punches the crap out of Lucas. Not to mention the fact that Roger never met a fist to the face he didn’t like - we like it too. As we watch him take apart Lucas we couldn’t help thinking how hot it would be if Lucas did a heel turn. Then LO AND BEHOLD Lucas rages at Roger and even manages to work over Roger’s pecs and nips! He may not be an all out heel just yet but the potential has begun to simmer inside his soul and this match proves he is hot in any role on our mats!

Luke Truong vs Lucas LeonHD28 min

Luke Truong vs Lucas Leon

Lucas Leon is a long time pro wrestling fan and in this smoking hot match vs Luke Truong he really breaks out of his shell. Watching him perfect some truly rough moves is a pleasure to watch. Meanwhile where has “Truong the Heel” been all our lives?! Luke must sense he needs to bring out the big moves in order to overpower the taller and more muscled Lucas. In the end, one of these two jobbers is gonna TOP the other and the bottom might not be who you think it is!

Lucas Leon vs Jeremy DanielsHD33 min

Lucas Leon vs Jeremy Daniels

Sexy muscle bear Lucas is all hotted up for his smooth and muscled opponent Jeremy Daniels. Since both boys are in jockstraps it’s easy to see why. Chemistry is key and these two sizzle from the start. his catalog is titled Rough Riders and Jeremy wrestles Lucas rough and rides him rough too! Jeremy controls this one and then rips off the jocks and pounds Lucas (literally) into submission. We will let our MBW fans use their imagination to figure out the outcome of this hot AF match on the mats!

Lucas Leon vs Blake StarHD32 min

Lucas Leon vs Blake Star

The way Blake Star slowly covers every inch of Lucas’ muscles with oil makes you think this dude is an oil wrestling MASTER! The eroticism is so palpable that the screen almost literally catches fire from the way these two men roll around naked in oil. In between the crackles there is also some very hardcore wrestling going on, complete with gut shots, ball shots, head scissors, and enough naked humping to satisfy all connoisseurs of the wrestling erotic.

Masyn Thorne vs Lucas LeonHD31 min

Masyn Thorne vs Lucas Leon

Masyn is somewhere between your beach boy dreams and your wet wrestling dreams come true. Lucas has muscle and doesn’t mind throwing a powerful punch to the pecs, gut or delivering a sweet over the knee backbreaker! These boys came for a throwdown but it isn’t too long before the gear is stripped off and the cock and balls are swinging freely. Eventually Masyn wins the attitude contest so naturally he takes things to 11 and decides to feed, pound and breed big Lucas …and do it raw!

Damien Stone vs Lucas LeonHD37 min

Damien Stone vs Lucas Leon

Damien Stone and Lucas Leon debut for MBW in an erotic wrestle and fuck mat battle that will leave the wrestling world buzzing for weeks. Damien is stoic, solid, and built like a ram truck. Lucas is intense, ripped, and submissive. Both of these newbies were eager to get rough and go at it but nobody was going to put Damien in a corner. He wanted to dominate and overpower Lucas from the get go and we aren’t complaining.