Evan Sterling

Evan Sterling

Evan Sterling

Weight: 175lbs

Height: 5'11"

Evan Sterling Videos

Monstah Mike vs Evan SterlingHD34 min

Monstah Mike vs Evan Sterling

The chemistry between Mike and Evan is like a rocket ship, just hold on and enjoy the ride. They tear at each other with abandon and Mike is in control. He uses his powerful legs to take Evan off his feet only to choke and sleeper and scissor him with endless stamina. The seriously hot positions these two contort themselves into makes you wish everyone could be Mike’s boy. The look on Evan’s face makes you realize he is enjoying every fucking second of it. We know the fans will submit and give.

Tank Davis vs Evan SterlingHD43 min

Tank Davis vs Evan Sterling

Tank has a beefy cock, a beefy body and one hell of a beefy attitude. Hearing him grunt, snarl and woof his way around the mat room could get anyone hard. He jerks and thumps and punches his way through Evan and eventually decides to sit on Evan’s face (what better way to make him immobile?). Tanks thighs are the size of a SUV and when he wraps them around Evan’s head until he almost disappears. He also pounds Evan every which way from Sunday. From the sounds of Evan’s moans, he is having the time of his life.

Pup Bandit vs Evan SterlingHD44 min

Pup Bandit vs Evan Sterling

This is the ULTIMATE matchup of opposites, THICK, dom, and rough Pup Bandit goes against tall, lean, and proud jobber Evan Sterling. He also is giving Evan a stiff dose of ball torture, chops to his chest, and some HOT nose to nose choke holds! The choke hold is always prominent on Pup’s agenda - he also is obsessed with Evan’s creamy white bubble ass and feels the need to slap it over and over. Pup jackhammers Evan’s gorgeous round ass and we get to be the sneaky voyuers that witness all of it.

Shane Michaels vs Evan SterlingHD27 min

Shane Michaels vs Evan Sterling

Start growling NOW fans. Once you lay eyes on Shane Michaels all you will be able mutter is WOOF. There are some thick and cut Muscle Boys on our roster but Shane might have the biggest set of legs and ass since Derek Bolt. And speaking of hot muscle, check out our other newbie Evan Sterling! This mismatch might make you think a squash is in order but HELL NO. Evan isn’t letting Shane’s massive size stand in his way. Both of these gorgeous men are up for a hot fight and you will you bone up watching these two battle it out for the bragging rights as best newcomer!