Weight: 175lbs

Height: 5'7"

Aspen Videos

Aspen vs Austin TylerHD29 min

Aspen vs Austin Tyler

When two wrestlers sincerely don’t like each other what are we to do? Encourage confrontation! Austin hated Aspen from minute one. Something about his cocky smile and beefy body prancing around the ring like a peacock didn’t sit right with this skilled pro wrestler. These two take their hatred to another level in this ring brawl that more than lives up to the catalog title. Austin is out to teach Aspen a pro wrestling lesson and for a while it looks like his skills are too much for the preening porn star.

Aspen vs Ian LevineHD38 min

Aspen vs Ian Levine

We said BRUTAL, right? Hold on to your hats because the way Aspen DESTROYS innocent jobber Ian Levine is nothing short of heart-stopping. This boy is absolutely thrashed and humiliated by Aspen in one of the most vicious beatdowns we have EVER filmed! Aspen is MBW's baddest bad boy and he always plays rough but this is the roughest squash he’s ever inflicted on a helpless jobber. After overwhelming him with suplexes, slams, camels, and racks Aspen wedgies the boy and starts a spine-tingling assault on Ian’s smooth peach of an ass than can only be described as ASTONISHING.

Aspen vs Aaron PerezHD36 min

Aspen vs Aaron Perez

Aspen is a BAD ASS, that much is clear. Watching him take apart Aaron and humiliate him makes us love him even more! Aaron Perez has the body of a circus performer so this match is a HOT power vs finesse sizzler. Aspen makes the most of twisting this boy’s body into pretzel shapes we didn’t even know existed.

Nick Flex vs AspenHD29 min

Nick Flex vs Aspen

This VERY long back and forth match is a dirty brawl that seems personal to these gorgeous hunks. You would think Nick would power through cocky Aspen and he does. But hold up! Aspen surprises the big man and knocks him off his feet several times. In fact, Aspen gives Nick the most punishment he’s EVER taken in MBW! Nick ain’t new here and he won’t go down without a FIGHT!

Aspen vs Ian GreeneHD38 min

Aspen vs Ian Greene

Aspen is butch, rough, and in full leather gear here. He bodyslams, punches, and destroys every inch of Ian’s ripped body! Aspen completes the Master/Sir/Dom/Heel fantasy by fucking Ian while holding onto his jockstrap like a dog’s leash!

Gabriel Cross vs AspenHD34 min

Gabriel Cross vs Aspen

Aspen loves to punish and pound on our muscled spark plug Gabriel. He slams, smashes, and pummels Gabriel with tons of slams, plexes, punches, and rough sub holds. Aspen wins in the end and fucks Gabriel’s ass on his back and from behind!