Levy Foxx

Levy Foxx

Levy Foxx

Weight: 135lbs

Height: 5'7"

Levy Foxx Videos

Jack Bailey vs Levy FoxxHD31 min

Jack Bailey vs Levy Foxx

Twink vs Twink! We loooove a hot and sexy twink match and this video turns the tables on whatever you may think about Jack Bailey. These boys rub, hump, kiss, suck, and moan their way through this light and playful session. Levy is MORE than willing to play the dominant bottom and he loves controlling the action right up until it’s time for him to ride Jack’s big dick all the way to completion. And the loads that are unloaded in the loading dock are enough to fill up an SUV!

Adam Awbride vs Levy FoxxHD37 min

Adam Awbride vs Levy Foxx

Always put your best foot forward. Or in this case, put your foot in the other dude’s mouth over and over and lick his toes a ton too. Our two new recruits haven’t made up their minds if they want this match to be about fighting, feet, or fucking. And of course it’ll be all three! They kiss, wrestle, punch, trash talk, and strip. Then they wrestle naked. Then they do more foot fetish play that has ever been done in the mat room. Then Adam pounds the shit outta Levy. Then Adam cums is all over Levy. In between all this action there is enough playful foreplay to charge your engine.