Catalog 46 - Bound for Glory

March 02, 2024

Cat 46 brings 2 hot new Muscle Boys into the fold: Carter Collins and Ricky Lee! To amp up both debuts we decided to let them play a bit outside the box. Ricky Lee gets dominated (ROUGH) and handcuffed by Monstah Mike and Carter ropes up Jack Bailey while plowing him fully bound. Kink is always a welcome addition to the Muscle Boy ethos and this catalog is jammed with it, along with a healthy dose of hot wrestling, ball busting, fucking and domination play. This catalog also ushers in the era of STREAMING on MBW! Now every single MBW download you purchase has a streaming option INCLUDED. So get out your cell phones and stream away fans, this is a catalog not to be missed!

Monstah Mike vs Ricky LeeHD40 min

Monstah Mike vs Ricky Lee

This mismatch got our hearts racing from the moment these boys got on the mat. Mike is a natural rough dom and Ricky suffers as sexy as anyone on the MBW roster. Mike tosses him around the matroom he pounds the fuck out of Ricky (handcuffs still on) and wow does their kink flag fly. Also up for your consumption is the all out battering Mike gives Ricky with punches and slaps and chokes.

Carter Collins vs Jack BaileyHD37 min

Carter Collins vs Jack Bailey

Carter is brand new to MBW but he has a true love for wrestling and a knack for kinky play. He’s stunningly gorgeous of course but that’s just for starters. He makes Jack suffer beautifully with an array of hot submission holds and tons of gut punching and ball grabs. But when the rope comes out the real magic begins! The expert way Carter winds his way around Jack’s willing body is sexy as hell. Jack veers from terror to delight to all out ectasy and you’ll love every erotic minute of it.

Rob Steel vs Jesse ZaneHD31 min

Rob Steel vs Jesse Zane

Strap on your singlets! From the get go it’s clear that Rob and Jesse want to have a FIGHT. This will be rough, hot, and with just a smidge of erotic playfulness. This video finds Rob really coming out of his shell and posing for the camera and playing up his phenomenal physique. He flexes for the camera and declares that “Rob is back!” he’s destined to dominate but then again his opponent is super punk Jesse Zane! Jesse rarely let’s ANYONE dominate him and he is up for the challenge. Once the sweaty guys are stripped down to sexy trunks, this back and forth match gets so hot! These two know how to put on a fuckin’ show and our fans will obsess over every second!

Tripp Evans vs Aiden LangstonHD32 min

Tripp Evans vs Aiden Langston

Do you ever just wanna put on some sexy gear and roll around and wrestle? Isn’t it every wrestler’s dream to make out, kiss, hump and grope with a hot muscled opponent who is just as into you as you are into him? Tripp and Aiden were so into each other that at some point we thought we should leave the room and let them have their fun in private. Fuck THAT, we stayed and captured all the erotic play and wrestling holds for you to enjoy.

Alex Costa vs Brad HoneycuttHD29 min

Alex Costa vs Brad Honeycutt

Growl and snarl! That has to be the tag line once you witness the gorgeously muscled Alex Costa battle it out with Brad in this hot ring rumble. There is no better showman in MBW than Alex and his chiseled body and incredible wrestling skills sure help make him the total fuckin’ package. Brad can sometimes slip into jobber mode but not against Alex! He must sense that he has to bring his A heel game to the ring. He punishes Alex voraciously and Alex suffers gorgeously. For extra pleasure we get to see Alex get choked along the ring ropes and then watch him turn the tables and dish out the same punishment on Brad!

Joey McCoy vs Austin TylerHD34 min

Joey McCoy vs Austin Tyler

This is what brilliant old school pro wrestling is MEANT to be. Two sexy pro’s in trunks and boots putting on a HOT pro match in a ring and letting all of us marvel at their skill and their sweet muscled bods in their super hot gear. THIS is what made us hard watching pro wrestling for so many years, THIS is why we love it so much, and THIS is what will get you off, full stop. The action is non stop and it’s a total back and forth match! Joey vs Austin, mark that down because this type of heat and skill inside the square circle is rarely out there. But it IS right here on MBW.