Tanner Ripley

Tanner Ripley

Tanner Ripley

Weight: 165lbs

Height: 5'9"

Tanner's videos are coming soon!

Tanner Ripley Videos

Tanner Ripley vs Brody FoxHD30 min

Tanner Ripley vs Brody Fox

Naked wrestling is somewhat of an art form and Tanner is a master at it. He strips off Brody’s gear in record time and makes sure he consumes every inch of Brody’s ripped body while applying all the sexy holds you could hope for. This match could also be subtitled “There Will Be Facesitting”. And ass sitting too. Tanner wants to toy with and then humiliate the younger and less experienced Brody and did we mention how much Tanner plays with Brody’s dick and balls? Tanner still needs to hump and kiss and torture the boy some more! Toward the inevitable conclusion Tanner wants to put Brody OUT and then…well we will let your imagination run wild while you watch the SUPER hot ending to this wildly sexy match.

Tanner Ripley vs Drew HarperHD25 min

Tanner Ripley vs Drew Harper

The wrestling superstars known as Tanner and Drew are (it has to be said) also known in certain circles as g-string and oil wrestling sluts. We said what we said. These two men just love getting barely naked and rolling around in oil while throwing haymakers left and right. Oil wrestling is inherently sexy and add hot gear only amps up the temperature. Chokes, ball bashing, and plenty of sub holds makes this almost naked and oily video something you’ll want to rub all over yourself multiple times. Pass the oil!

Tanner Ripley vs Aiden Langston HD29 min

Tanner Ripley vs Aiden Langston

Sometimes you just KNOW. There was a palpable connection when Tanner met Aiden. Once the mat room lights were on them the only question going forward was this: will they ever stop wrestling and humping and kissing and groping? Let’s hope not! This is the most erotic we’ve seen Tanner get on the MBW mats and seeing the electric chemistry between he and Aiden it’s pretty easy to see why. This is HOT with a capital H and it’s all right here at MBW for everyone to enjoy!

Liam Collins vs Tanner RipleyHD33 min

Liam Collins vs Tanner Ripley

Battle of the Jobbers? When you look at this marquee match-up of two of the rising stars of wrestling there is one thing that is clear: you KNOW you want to watch! This tussle is more like a sexy and naked fight - with plenty of ball smashing. Once the trunks come off these two jobbers are not shy about playing with each other’s cocks and toying around the backside too. Bottom line: naked wrestling with 2 boy jobbers has never been better on the MBW mats.

Monstah Mike vs Tanner RipleyHD29 min

Monstah Mike vs Tanner Ripley

Everyone loves to see Tanner get pummeled, pounded, and squashed. Who better to drill Tanner than our bigtime sexy beast Monstah Mike? Mike takes apart this pretty boy limb from limb. After a sexy flex off, Mike starts tossing Tanner around the mat room like a muscle bear toying with his prey. Mike has become a master at dominating and playing with boys like Tanner. This naked combat session is one the fans will be watching on repeat for YEARS to come.

Tanner Ripley vs Jesse ZaneHD37 min

Tanner Ripley vs Jesse Zane

Tanner Ripley is one of the new hot wrestling stars on the scene and we couldn’t resist throwing him into the mat room against MBW vet Jesse Zane. From the first seconds on the mat the chemistry is through the fucking roof between these two superstars! Naked wrestling isn’t complete without some junk in the face grinding and these two rivals go all in on it! Sweaty, slippery and exhausted, it was anyone’s match to claim. That is until Tanner uttered the now famous words “finish me”.