Aaron Perez

Aaron Perez

Aaron Perez

Weight: 135lbs

Height: 5'8"

Aaron Perez Videos

Aaron Perez vs Joey McCoy HD33 min

Aaron Perez vs Joey McCoy

Hey Joey McCoy fans…you might wanna pull out your dick and start whacking NOW. When your opponent is literally a human gumby it goes without saying that Joey is gonna go all in. Joey throws every move in the book at Aaron: figure4s, spladles, ab stretches, and some twisty moves that we just don’t know the names for because he seems to be inventing them on the spot. Both of these sexy twinks want to beat some ass and take some names and we know the MBW fans jaws will be on the floor throughout this back and forth stunner!

Jesse Zane vs Aaron PerezHD48 min

Jesse Zane vs Aaron Perez

Jesse controls every inch of Aaron’s body for almost an hour. Aaron can suffer with the best of them but nobody can match his flexibility and Jesse is ALL about it. These two are hot for each other and we are HOT for them. Later in the match they trunks come off but the holds continue with some sexy make outs throw in. In the end, this turns into a get off session and we have a feeling our fans will be joining in.

Aaron Perez vs Corey Badger Boy TurnerHD35 min

Aaron Perez vs Corey Badger Boy Turner

Lean twinks are always a fan fave and these two boys are among our best sellers. Aaron is flexible as a rubber band and Corey is a spunky kid with a cock the size of an XXL sausage. Corey seems content on putting Aaron in every spladle and split move known to man and trapping his mark in many a head scissors. More than in his previous MBW vids, Aaron seems hell bent on showing he can go just as rough as the other boys and he wacks at Corey’s body with extra zeal. We pride ourselves on being all about the rough and all about the sexy!

Blake Hunter vs Aaron PerezHD36 min

Blake Hunter vs Aaron Perez

Blake Hunter got owned and plowed by Derek Bolt in the last catalog so we thought it only fitting to give him the gift of our resident pretty boy jobber Aaron Perez. Blake is a massive and thick bodybuilder but he (willingly?) gave into Bolt’s charms in his first match and gave up his huge bubble butt in the process. This time around we see a TOTALLY different and SUPER hot persona as Blake plays big man heel to Aaron’s twinky sub jobber.

Dax Carter vs Aaron PerezHD38 min

Dax Carter vs Aaron Perez

Aaron Perez proved himself to be one tough fucker after he endured the thrashing that Aspen gave him in Catalog 10. But this is an entirely different can of worms because we’ve matched him up against our NEW beast Dax Carter! Dax has a MASSIVE muscled build. He looks like a video game villian and wrestles like a bull that just escaped his cage. He takes apart Aaron with a ferocity that makes you wonder if he’s gonna rip off one of the boy’s limbs and eat it for breakfast. Wedgies, punches, kissing, humping, slams, and verbal domination highlight the big man’s versatility and clearly Aaron’s bubble ass will be his for the taking.

Aspen vs Aaron PerezHD36 min

Aspen vs Aaron Perez

Aspen is a BAD ASS, that much is clear. Watching him take apart Aaron and humiliate him makes us love him even more! Aaron Perez has the body of a circus performer so this match is a HOT power vs finesse sizzler. Aspen makes the most of twisting this boy’s body into pretzel shapes we didn’t even know existed.

Sean Maygers vs Aaron PerezHD28 min

Sean Maygers vs Aaron Perez

Aaron Perez is a sexy combo of Jesse Zane and Quin Quire. He is the most flexible wrestler on the roster so who better than Daddy stud Sean Maygers to stretch out, mangle, pummel, and fuck our new boy?! After the hot squash Sean uses his gigantic dick to drill Aaron’s bubble ass and then exploads his load all over it!