Viktor Patrovsky

Viktor Patrovsky

Viktor Patrovsky

Age: 31

Weight: 185 lb

Height: 6 ft 2 in

Viktor Patrovsky Videos

Double Gut Punch 2HD20 min

Double Gut Punch 2

The 2nd installment of our “double gut punch” series returns! Two GP vids for the price of one! Nick Flex savagely hammers Taylor’s abs for so long they eventually turn red as fuck! Then giant Russian bad boy Viktor brutally punishes Max Apollo with gut slugs and stomps to his abs.

Maxim Apollo vs Viktor PatrovskyHD21 min

Maxim Apollo vs Viktor Patrovsky

A re-match between Max and Viktor was specifically requested by the smaller (and totally muscled) Max after Viktor emerged victorious in their first meeting. Max arrives ready with a fully loaded arsenal of weapons and right from the start he pummels big Viktor with everything he’s got. After tons of punishment to big Viktor's ripped bod Max realizes the best way to assure victory against a bigger opponent is to put him OUT. He traps Viktor in a long and sexy sleeper and claims his victory with a super hot pose down while stepping on his beaten opponent’s chest.

Viktor Patrovsky vs Connor O'ReillyHD20 min

Viktor Patrovsky vs Connor O'Reilly

Giant Russian muscle bound Viktor is so powerful and hot we thought it only fair to put him in the mat room with deliciously sculpted muscle boy Connor O’Reilly. Much has been said about the pic of Connor’s ass in the orange trunks with the lightning bolt on the back and he wears those famous trunks for this matchup.

Maxim Apollo vs Viktor PatrovskyHD17 min

Maxim Apollo vs Viktor Patrovsky

Both Max and Viktor both have the classic Russian bad boy attitude (complete with Russian accent) and the muscles to match. Viktor is the taller muscle boy but Max is a ROUGH pro wrestler who isn’t afraid to get stiff while taking the upper hand.