Leo Langston

Leo Langston

Leo Langston

Weight: 180lbs

Height: 5'10"

Leo Langston Videos

Johnny Greco vs Leo LangstonHD23 min

Johnny Greco vs Leo Langston

Johnny Greco has developed into a terrific pro wrestler and watching him utilize the ring in creative ways is a source of pride for MBW boss Rocco. Greco has been beefing up his body too and there are no complaints on that front either! Leo Langston has a few inches on Johnny and he has a body of death and enough enthusiasm to fill up 3 wrestling rings. These two go at it with refreshing abandon and they toss each other around the ring and even exchange the dreaded tree of woe in the turnbuckle.

Drew Harper vs Leo LangstonHD28 min

Drew Harper vs Leo Langston

Listen up fans, this is the most intense and rough match you are likely to see Drew in - EVER. His experience and ring savvy has grown in leaps and bounds. And he leaps all over Leo with dropkicks and bounds him up in the ropes with vicious punishing blows! This is the Drew Harper show and we are here to worship, wonder, and get off.