Catalog 45 - Bad Boys

January 18, 2024

It’s good to be bad. Whether Liam Collins is toying with Brody Fox or Tanner and Drew are tugging on each other’s g-strings, Catalog 45 is all about our need to be naughty. And when Roger Atlas keeps playing with his junk while squashing Masyn Thorne we know we are going into bad boy territory. All that and a bag of ball busting is contained in our newest array of hot and sweaty wrestling videos. Lap it up and tug on your junk fans.

Liam Collins vs Brody FoxHD29 min

Liam Collins vs Brody Fox

Liam is already a bit of a legend at MBW and his journey from straight boy who just likes to wrestle to straight boy who pumps and dumps in other dude’s asses has been a joy to watch. Brody is one of those respectful young men who just happens to like being beaten up and then drilled to the wall. But what’s that?! Brody is fighting BACK! But nobody takes a beating and keeps on cumming quite like Brody and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

Tanner Ripley vs Drew HarperHD25 min

Tanner Ripley vs Drew Harper

The wrestling superstars known as Tanner and Drew are (it has to be said) also known in certain circles as g-string and oil wrestling sluts. We said what we said. These two men just love getting barely naked and rolling around in oil while throwing haymakers left and right. Oil wrestling is inherently sexy and add hot gear only amps up the temperature. Chokes, ball bashing, and plenty of sub holds makes this almost naked and oily video something you’ll want to rub all over yourself multiple times. Pass the oil!

Roger Atlas vs Masyn ThorneHD29 min

Roger Atlas vs Masyn Thorne

Bring on the PAIN. When Roger Atlas is in the room, pure pro style means pure magic. Then combine that with the hottest suffering jobber on the roster and the result is jack off material that could last you a century. Roger knows his shit. He knows how to combine power with finess and bad boy attitude with sexy suggestion. Yanking on his junk and posing and strutting also helps keep our dicks jumping. The way he grabs Masyn by the hair and leads him around…FUCK! his boy sure knows how to suffer and we already know that in secret he looooves every second.

Johnny Greco vs Nick FlexHD26 min

Johnny Greco vs Nick Flex

What took so long?! These two MBW studs FINALLY go head to head in the ring and the result is nothing short of pro style mastery. Nick knows his way around a ring and has manhandled all the big men of MBW. Johnny also has earned his trunks in the ring and although he is the victim of a VICOUS beating by Nick in this video, we always knew a comeback and some payback was in the cards. This is rough pro style that you beg for fans and we also want to give it to you in spades…especially when you beg!