Kevin Lin

Kevin Lin

Kevin Lin

Age: 32

Weight: 160 lb

Height: 5 ft 8 in

Kevin Lin Videos

Kevin Lin vs Masked MuscleHD21 min

Kevin Lin vs Masked Muscle

Kevin Lin returns to MBW vs the thickly stacked Masked Muscle! Kevin Lin loooves to get SQUASHED. And PUMMELED. Our masked bodybuilder is happy to oblige! Kevin is so hot it’s a pleasure to see him suffer so much and enjoy every second! Fans will LOVE it.

Kevin Lin vs Jesse ZaneHD28 min

Kevin Lin vs Jesse Zane

Fans went crazy for the first two vids of Jesse and Kevin so why not let them do another? This one is all about trying to choke out each other using their legs and biceps. There are multiple headscissors and head locks and tons of red faces, grunting submissions, and sweaty bodies. A HOT back and forth and a hot 3rd take on this continuing rivalry!

Kevin Lin vs Jesse ZaneHD38 min

Kevin Lin vs Jesse Zane

The fans DEMANDED a re-match so we delivered but this time we decided to crank up the sexy and have these boys strip down to SKIMPY jockstraps! If you loved watching Kevin’s hard on in the first match wait till you see him bare assed in an almost see through jock that sculpts his ample junk.

Jesse Zane vs Kevin LinHD23 min

Jesse Zane vs Kevin Lin

Is there a better body with hotter proportions than Kevin’s? This match proves Jesse Zane has heel skills and he works over Lin with chokes, nelsons, spladles, crabs, ball grabs, gut puches, and racks.