Zach Ramos

Zach Ramos

Zach Ramos

Weight: 210 lb

Height: 6'

Zach Ramos Videos

Zach Ramos vs Tripp EvansHD28 min

Zach Ramos vs Tripp Evans

Who wants to watch a tall & thick pro wrestler go toe to toe with a short & thick pro wrestler? Zach and Tripp are emerging stars on the scene and they are both skilled and INTO wrestling. This superb back and forth brawl is stacked with stiff and rough pro style action that is sure to please our most avid fans of old school pro. The boys look SUPER hot in their pro gear and for true fans of pro wrestling this is the one for you. The guys know their shit and utilize all their knowledge to make this one worth your while!

Zach Ramos vs Jack BaileyHD25 min

Zach Ramos vs Jack Bailey

At MBW we do love a good mismatch. Big and beefy Zach takes on ultimo twinky Jack and the results are more than we could have wished upon a star for. Jack sells like a puppy being mishandled at a county fair while Zach is a pro wrestling fanatic that knows how to squash a twink - and make it vicious! We won’t lie to you fans, this is mostly a squash - MOSTLY. But holy hell what a squash it is and no one makes suffering look hotter than our boy Jack Bailey.

Brody Fox vs Zach RamosHD42 min

Brody Fox vs Zach Ramos

Zach Ramos makes his full erotic debut against Brody Fox and we love the contrast between these two Muscle Boys! Brody is a ripped jobber who loves to get squashed and fucked. Zach is fully vers in wrestling and sex but the sight of Brody in his tiny trunks brings out the beast in Zach! Zach wails on Brody all over the mat room and his stoic intensity drips with rage and sexiness. Brody drinks it all in and loves the ferocity behind Zach’s calm exterior as this sweaty and sexy fuck match cums to a fulfilling conclusion.

Zach Ramos vs Jesse ZaneHD34 min

Zach Ramos vs Jesse Zane

The thing that separates MBW from other sites is that our boys are actually INTO wrestling. hey are truly turned on by it and always go ALL OUT. Seeing two hot muscleboys like Zane and Ramos go at it is the perfect embodiment of our philosophy at Muscle Boy. We pride ourselves on finding wrestlers that love wrestling and are CRANKED up by being on the mats. Which is why it is SO hot to watch these two boys beat the ever living FUCK out of each other while also kissing, humping, and groping each other’s junk.

Zach Ramos vs Jack DillonHD26 min

Zach Ramos vs Jack Dillon

Zach and Jack are big boys with plenty of attitude and hair to spare. Jack is ripped and tan and Zach is beefy and pale. How do we manage to have big boys like these two have such an over-the-top and sweaty battle within the confines of our matroom? It’s a riddle that you have to witness to believe but trust us fans, this is a back and forth clash that you will “visit” over and over again!