Catalog 43 - Chemistry

November 13, 2023

What makes someone’s body or looks make you want to tear their trunks off? Chemistry? Animal attraction? You’ll find answers to that and some other quantifiable chemistry in Catalog 43. Spontaneous combustion occurs when a combustible material is heated to its ignition temperature by a chemical reaction (pure chemistry). The way these Muscle Boys go at it you’d think that spontaneous combustion could ignite the mat room and metaphorically speaking it sure does. Either way, bring your hose and some oxygen and enjoy the bonfire. The sparks are flying and the cum is shooting all over the place.

Monstah Mike vs Evan SterlingHD34 min

Monstah Mike vs Evan Sterling

The chemistry between Mike and Evan is like a rocket ship, just hold on and enjoy the ride. They tear at each other with abandon and Mike is in control. He uses his powerful legs to take Evan off his feet only to choke and sleeper and scissor him with endless stamina. The seriously hot positions these two contort themselves into makes you wish everyone could be Mike’s boy. The look on Evan’s face makes you realize he is enjoying every fucking second of it. We know the fans will submit and give.

Cam Crawford vs Tanner VonnHD28 min

Cam Crawford vs Tanner Vonn

Cam Crawford is 6’4” and 250lbs of pure muscle. At least half of those pounds are below his waist. His legs and ass look sculpted from marble and his sexy low voice could turn anyone into a bottom. At a very ripped 6’2” Tanner Vonn is no slouch and he has a hunger for wrestling and abuse that may rival that other Tanner we know and love. Tanner also sports a massive (and impressive) hard on as hard as rocks through most of this match, especially when Cam is crunching and stomping his balls. Tanner’s absurdly ample cum shot is a welcome by product of all those vibes and heat!

Tanner Ripley vs Aiden Langston HD29 min

Tanner Ripley vs Aiden Langston

Sometimes you just KNOW. There was a palpable connection when Tanner met Aiden. Once the mat room lights were on them the only question going forward was this: will they ever stop wrestling and humping and kissing and groping? Let’s hope not! This is the most erotic we’ve seen Tanner get on the MBW mats and seeing the electric chemistry between he and Aiden it’s pretty easy to see why. This is HOT with a capital H and it’s all right here at MBW for everyone to enjoy!

Jesse Zane vs Nick MilaniHD44 min

Jesse Zane vs Nick Milani

Nick & Jesse are both flexible, horny, and love to grapple. These guys are INTO it and each other. Nick succumbs to Jesse’s barrage of erotically tinged wrestling holds mixed in with some hot hair pulling almost like a male catfight. With the sweaty makeout, frottage and jack off session that Jesse uses to finish off Nick we can only marvel at the skill and precision that Jesse executes on his gorgeous play thing!