Liam Collins

Liam Collins

Liam Collins

Weight: 160lbs

Height: 5'7"

Liam "Beasty Boy" Collins vids will be coming soon to MBW!

Liam Collins Videos

Liam Collins vs Jesse ZaneHD33 min

Liam Collins vs Jesse Zane

When two superstars collide there are bound to be fireworks but isn’t it better if it’s NAKED? Jesse takes the first shift and comes out fast with a nasty bodyslam, a powerful rack, a textbook Boston crab and a neatly nailed tombstone piledriver. The stars seem aligned for Jesse to be the dom but Liam is a slippery punk who rarely gives! He cracks back at Jesse with some ball grabs, gut punching and some ball torture. Once Jesse gets the last laugh you KNOW he will finish his prey. Another tombstone is forthcoming - this time NAKED. Honestly it might be the hottest naked tombstone we’ve ever seen.

Liam Collins vs Brody FoxHD29 min

Liam Collins vs Brody Fox

Liam is already a bit of a legend at MBW and his journey from straight boy who just likes to wrestle to straight boy who pumps and dumps in other dude’s asses has been a joy to watch. Brody is one of those respectful young men who just happens to like being beaten up and then drilled to the wall. But what’s that?! Brody is fighting BACK! But nobody takes a beating and keeps on cumming quite like Brody and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

Liam Collins vs Aiden LangstonHD34 min

Liam Collins vs Aiden Langston

Which one to destroy? Both of these sexy pretty boys have the type of looks that can give a heel a hard dripping boner. But what if they BOTH are gorgeous jobbers? MBW solution: have them beat the crap out of each other. Get ready fans because this is one of the highest quality erotic vids we’ve ever produced. Liam goes FULL erotic here and takes Aiden’s hole with some of the hottest fucking the mat room has ever hosted. Liam plows, pounds and rides Aiden’s gorgeous peach and we almost passed out while witnessing the spray of cum Liam blows all over Aiden backside. We’d say this is “not to be missed” but we know our fans would never pass this one up!

Liam Collins vs Tanner RipleyHD33 min

Liam Collins vs Tanner Ripley

Battle of the Jobbers? When you look at this marquee match-up of two of the rising stars of wrestling there is one thing that is clear: you KNOW you want to watch! This tussle is more like a sexy and naked fight - with plenty of ball smashing. Once the trunks come off these two jobbers are not shy about playing with each other’s cocks and toying around the backside too. Bottom line: naked wrestling with 2 boy jobbers has never been better on the MBW mats.