Alex Costa

Alex Costa

Alex Costa

Weight: 190lbs

Height: 5.10

Alex Costa Videos

Alex Costa vs Joey McCoyHD31 min

Alex Costa vs Joey McCoy

Just as the catalog title suggests Alex Costa VICIOUSLY brutalizes our resident twinky boy jobber Joey McCoy. Fasten your seat belts fans because this match has to be seen to be believed! Alex uses his superior power to brutally destroy Joey over and over! The nasty suplexes, power slams and strikes all over Joey’s ripped body are just the beginning.

Alex Costa vs Quin QuireHD48 min

Alex Costa vs Quin Quire

Naked means NAKED! Alex Costa has been flirting with stripping off his trunks and going full erotic for a while - in this match he makes all the MBW fans dreams come true! Quin Quire LIKES getting beat up and for a long while Costa batters Quin’s ripped smooth body!

Alex Costa vs Ethan SladeHD27 min

Alex Costa vs Ethan Slade

We put two of our hottest Muscle Boys in sexy gear and let them go at it in the mat room! When they are not making out and humping, Alex and Ethan are drilling each other with gut shots, bodyslams, and piledrivers. Alex powers through most of it but Ethan doesn’t roll over for Alex and get some good licks in! He ends up in a see through jock strap and Alex can’t resist stroking Ethan’s junk in between giving him the walloping of a lifetime!

Alex Costa vs Bruno The BeastHD40 min

Alex Costa vs Bruno The Beast

Beast vs Beast! Bruno literally beats the CRAP out of Alex in this one. The trunks come off before you can say “bodyslam” and Alex’s god like hairy body and giant muscle ass clearly turn on twisted Bruno!

Ryan Sparks vs Alex CostaHD25 min

Ryan Sparks vs Alex Costa

Stoic bodybuilder Ryan Sparks takes on hot-headed Alex Costa and their wrestling styles could not be more different but they love the challenge! Enjoy the heat as they strip down to their jocks and grope and kiss each other while also beating the crap out of one another!

Armond Rizzo vs Alex CostaHD26 min

Armond Rizzo vs Alex Costa

If David and Goliath were chiseled, muscled, and hot they might have looked something like these two. The match goes the way you’d expect as Alex the behemoth toys with Armond and literally tosses him around the mat room! Throughout this one both boys also really enjoy groping and kissing each other (and humping each other’s bods). We like it too boys!

Alex Costa vs Leo LuckettHD30 min

Alex Costa vs Leo Luckett

Yes it's THAT good. New MBW star Alex has pounds and height on Leo Luckett. But Leo is a punk who LOVES to go at it rough and he gets PLENTY of licks in! After stripping down to jockstraps these two spend lots of time making out, groping, and humping each other in between the barrage of slams and punches. There is never any doubt that Alex will come out on top but watching him pummel this young blond muscle boy is so freaking HOT you will need to hydrate throughout!

Alex Costa vs Nick FlexHD26 min

Alex Costa vs Nick Flex

If you ever fantasized about beating the FUCK out of a stud like Alex then this one’s for you! Halfway through both bodyuilders end up in see through jock straps and there is tons of old school slams, gut punches, ass slaps, chokes, and big firgure 4 leg lock. Nick proves once and for all there is only one big man who can totally dominate another big man in MBW!

Alex Costa vs Jesse ZaneHD34 min

Alex Costa vs Jesse Zane

Bodybuilder Alex Costa flew halfway around the world to take on our Jesse and from the first seconds it’s apparent that big Alex is here to beat THE FUCK out of Jesse - After Alex delivers one of the longest and most BRUTAL beatdowns we’ve ever filmed you might think this is a total squash - HELL no! Jesse sneaks up on Alex and drills a headbutt into his balls. The trunks are pulled off the ass of both of these muscled hunks and smacking them is part of the savage back and forth. If you are into TRULY vicious action you won’t find anything more ferocious than this one!