Catalog 17 - The Muscle Boys Call the Shots

December 01, 2019

Who rules the underground wrestling world? The Muscle Boys do! For Cat 17 the MBW boss told the boys to “do whatever the fuck you want” and in this catalog they DEFINITELY call the shots! Turns out that means LOTS of rough and sexy action. Sometimes you gotta let the boys play and have their fun. Nothing will prepare you for this amount of hot, naked, and erotic wrestling action in the ring and on the mats!

Max Adonis vs Marcus RyanHD39 min

Max Adonis vs Marcus Ryan

Wrestling obssessed? Or does Marcus Ryan LIKE to get abused? A little of BOTH? Our popular newbie twink is in full boned salute again throughout his match up with Max Adonis. His raging hard on is so obvious it begs the question; did this pretty boy come to MBW just to get worked over (and plowed) by hot muscle guys? The answer is YES.

Alex Costa vs Brad HoneycuttHD31 min

Alex Costa vs Brad Honeycutt

Nothing will prepare you for the all out body bashing brawl that occurs when newcomer Brad Honeycutt steps into the MBW mat room against Alex Costa. This is one of the best back and forth mat room clashes we’ve ever filmed and we know our fans are going to eat up this honey for years to come.

Scrappy McNair vs Taylor ReignHD35 min

Scrappy McNair vs Taylor Reign

Scrappy asked the MBW boss Rocco what he wanted him to do with Taylor Reign in the ring. Rocco responded “use the whole ring and pummel him - ROUGH”. A back and forth battle is always hot but it is a HUGE victory for the fans when you see this amount of muscle, skill, and star quality in the ring!

Brendan Byers vs Joey McCoyHD29 min

Brendan Byers vs Joey McCoy

Brendan’s mouth was watering at the idea of getting his hands on our sexy pro boy Joey McCoy. The obvious size difference may have you thinking this match will be a squash and it is NOTHING but. Brendan has his way with Joey and he doesn’t hold back but this is a great back and forth match that flies by at a breakneck speed with tons of slams, punches, and complex mat holds.

Dax Carter vs Spencer HawkinsHD25 min

Dax Carter vs Spencer Hawkins

Opposites attract don’t they? In this mismatch of bull vs boy they don’t so much as attract as explode all over the ring canvas. Put out the word: Spencer Hawkins is tough as FUCK and will NOT roll over and play dead against his bigger, beefier opponent. Keep fighting! Keep battling! Then take your punishment like a good jobber boy and suffer really sexy while you crumble like a house of cards.

Austin Tyler vs Nick FlexHD28 min

Austin Tyler vs Nick Flex

Both of these MBW superstars are truly gifted ring technicians so you would assume this ring match would be a lesson in ring skills - RIGHT? Not so much. These two Muscle Boys do NOT like each other and that isn’t a work, it’s REAL. The moment they enter the ring they tear into each other like a couple of caged animals. The action inside the ring is a tornado of slugging, slamming, and brutal assault moves! Fans you are gonna LOVE this one!

Blake Hunter vs Jesse ZaneHD33 min

Blake Hunter vs Jesse Zane

By now I think our fans have guessed that Jesse is totally turned on by sexy wrestling gear and tons of leg holds. What he didn’t expect is that bodybuilder Blake Hunter also bones up in a singlet! Throbbing hard ons are all the rage apparently and Blake’s thick tool is pumped and dripping in his singlet right from the first second of this erotic mat fight.

Kurt Fletcher vs Corey Badger Boy TurnerHD27 min

Kurt Fletcher vs Corey Badger Boy Turner

We knew Kurt Fletcher is a master ring technician but we didn’t know is what a bad ass he can be when presented with a twinkie jobber like Corey Turner! Kurt easily makes a meal of sexy Corey. He really revels in punishing and humiliating his smaller opponent and uses every inch of the ring as his personal playground.