Gabe Steel

Gabe Steel

Gabe Steel

Weight: 190lbs

Height: 5'10"

Gabe Steel Videos

Taylor Reign vs Gabe SteelHD27 min

Taylor Reign vs Gabe Steel

These two seasoned pro’s put on quite a show and trust us fans they do NOT go easy on each other! Taylor is a ring master and he is facing off a worthy and technically skilled pro wrestler in Gabe Steel. All your fave pro action is right here: suplexes, slams, brawling, and rope work. The double fucking piledriver at the end will make your bones ache and your hard-ons twitch. And for extra measure Gabe leaves Taylor hanging on the ropes for the ultimate twink punishment! Two great wrestles, two hot muscle boys, and tons of great action.

Derek Bolt vs Gabe Steel HD32 min

Derek Bolt vs Gabe Steel

Derek Bolt has battled through a good chunk of the MBW roster but he’s never faced off with Gabe Steel and fans you’ve NEVER seem him like this! Bolt thrashes Gabe with hammers to the pecs, shoulders blocks to the gut, and some hot slams and suplexes. His variation of a chicken wing turns Gabe into a human pretzel and that is just the first section of this super rough match up! Derek has played the bad boy before but something about Gabe has his trunks in a knot and he wants to show this underground star who the baddest bad ass is in the ring!

Brendan Byers vs Gabe SteelHD39 min

Brendan Byers vs Gabe Steel

Gabe and Brendan are legends in the world of private and underground wrestling and it is a pleasure to see these two bad ass studs go at each other with vigor. This is one of the roughest and BEST fought matches of the year! Both of these men want to walk out with bragging rights so the action here is pro style STIFF - and hot as hell. This is a great fight that will definitely have you hitting the rewind button.

Brad Honeycutt vs Gabe SteelHD30 min

Brad Honeycutt vs Gabe Steel

When you have two hot and skilled pro wrestlers like Brad and Gabe you just ring the bell and let them GO AT IT! And holy fuck do these two boys deliver a beatdown on each other. Gabe has some size on Brad but his mastery of the ring works to his advantage - the long held standing suplex he nails Brad with is straight out of a 1984 saturday morning Georgia Wrestling brawl. This one is a thriller and the skilled and nasty back and forth will keep you going back to this one for years to come!

Gabe Steel vs Marcus RyanHD45 min

Gabe Steel vs Marcus Ryan

The exploits of world famous wrestling underground superstar Gabe Steel are well known. This guy is all attitude with incredible wrestling talent and thick muscles to back it up! He’s all technical skill and bad boy attitude but it always looks so EFFORTLESS. He strips off Marcus’ gear and massacres this boys body with blows and body mangling holds. Marcus spends a good portion of this match naked and hard. What better way to introduce him to the MBW fans??!

Nick Flex vs Gabe SteelHD33 min

Nick Flex vs Gabe Steel

Sometimes a wrestling match is promised and an all out BRAWL breaks out! MBW exclusive wrestler Nick Flex is in a NASTY mood in this match with newbie Gabe Steel. Fans will love watching him tear apart this jobber with more punches to the head and body then a championship boxing match. However, this being Nick Flex he also takes apart his boy with a barrage of stomps, kicks, balls strikes (tons of them!), sub holds, and a NASTY choke slam! From the beggining Gabe doesn’t stand a chance. But then, like a miracle from the wrestling gods, Gabe makes a comeback!