Catalog 49: A New Era

June 13, 2024

Muscleboy Wrestling is proud to announce our newly built MBW Event Center equipped with a brand new wrestling ring! It’s A New Era for MBW as we have also recently added a streaming option that is included FREE with a download purchase. Catalog 49 brings underground superstar Forrest Taylor into the MBW family and his 1 hour match in the ring vs Jesse Zane is one for the history books. This catalog also sees popular newbie Ricky Lee return in a hot fuck match against Evan Sterling. Tanner Ripley doms and strips Brody Fox for some hot naked wrestling and Lobo goes toe to toe in a rough back and forth against Archie Paige. 

And there will be even more exciting MBW news coming later this year as well! Stay tuned. 

Forrest Taylor vs Jesse ZaneHD60 min

Forrest Taylor vs Jesse Zane

For the very first match in our new space we brought in underground hottie Forrest Taylor to clash with the ultimate MBW hunk Jesse Zane and let these boys loose in the ring! To say the scene was fierce and hot as fuck would be an understatement. These two always manage to find the perfect blend of hot erotic play with wrestling skill and the results will go down as one of our longest and hottest matches EVER. The erotic charge between the boys is palpable and there are tons of hot holds, rough brawling and naked wrestling to please any fan.

Ricky Lee vs Evan SterlingHD32 min

Ricky Lee vs Evan Sterling

Evan Sterling is sowing his dom oats in this hot fuck match and lucky for him Ricky loves to get dominated and loves getting his ass nailed. When he racks Ricky (naked) and goes in on the boy’s balls we know we are in territory not seen before with Evan. Ricky suffers so indredibly hot that it’s possible just to get off on hearing him whine and moan! But there are many hot holds to work him over with first...and then the ass drilling can commence. The copious amounts of Evan's jizz all over his arched ass and hole will make you cum lovers drip with delight. This whole match is a an erotic wrestlers wet dream and we hope you dream it over and over.

Tanner Ripley vs Brody FoxHD30 min

Tanner Ripley vs Brody Fox

Naked wrestling is somewhat of an art form and Tanner is a master at it. He strips off Brody’s gear in record time and makes sure he consumes every inch of Brody’s ripped body while applying all the sexy holds you could hope for. This match could also be subtitled “There Will Be Facesitting”. And ass sitting too. Tanner wants to toy with and then humiliate the younger and less experienced Brody and did we mention how much Tanner plays with Brody’s dick and balls? Tanner still needs to hump and kiss and torture the boy some more! Toward the inevitable conclusion Tanner wants to put Brody OUT and then…well we will let your imagination run wild while you watch the SUPER hot ending to this wildly sexy match.

Archie Paige vs Lobo GrisHD36 min

Archie Paige vs Lobo Gris

We’ve seen Lobo play the nasty heel before but LO...BO…WHO...KNEW?! He absolutely wails on Archie Paige with a barrage of hot holds and within the first 6 minutes he has twisted Archie up like a pretzel. Archie’s toughness is put to the test and fans we are happy to report he is TOUGH AS FUCK. He withstands Lobo’s onslaught and comes back with some punishment of his own for the Grey Wolf. Little did we know what Lobo’s actual purpose was all along which is to wreck the fuck out of Archie’s balls. Whichever way the hammer falls this match is a prime example of great back and forth wrestling with great moves, hot holds and 2 skilled studs!