Andrew Connor

Andrew Connor

Andrew Connor

Weight: 140lbs

Height: 5'5"

Andrew Connor Videos

Aiden Langston vs Andrew ConnorHD32 min

Aiden Langston vs Andrew Connor

Put a twink in Aiden’s vicinity and suddenly the dude is a heel - and a top! That’s fine with us because Aiden’s confidence and swagger has swelled lately and he’s got one of those perfect cocks that every twink wants to ride so why not let him fill their cup to the brim! When Andrew gets out of line, a hot and hard SLAP to the face puts stuns him and then it’s time for a 3 course ass eating contest and a slam it home style butt pounding. Big Twink vs Little Twink wasn’t something we thought we needed at MBW.

Tripp Evans vs Andrew ConnorHD29 min

Tripp Evans vs Andrew Connor

Tripp slams, punches and cranks little Andrew but Andrew makes several comeback and is hankering for a real fight. Tripp has lots of muscle and experience but Andrew doesn’t give easily. Watching both of their bare asses roll around the mat room while they make out and grope each other is sexy wrestling at it’s best. Andrew worships Tripp’s cock and then Tripp rides Andrew’s face with some stripper moves that would make Magic Mike hard. These two boys are having the time of their life in our mat room and we know you will too!