Jesse Zane

Jesse Zane

Jesse Zane MBW Exclusive

Age: 34

Weight: 145 lb

Height: 5 ft 5 in

Jesse Zane Videos

Lucas Leon vs Jesse ZaneHD39 min

Lucas Leon vs Jesse Zane

Erotic magnetism isn’t always something you can teach. Jesse and Lucas are prime examples of two dudes SO into wrestling that is naturally turns into erotic play. The holds are sensual and slow but the hard ons are numerous and bulging. There are several hot face-sitting moments as well as trunks being shoved into each other’s mouths. Lucas being put in some hot pretzel holds at the hands of the spladle master Jesse Zane. They do lots of Naked wrestling and of course that’s the moment Jesse decides to roll Lucas up in some hot spladles displaying his prey’s butt and hole for all the world to see!

Forrest Taylor vs Jesse ZaneHD60 min

Forrest Taylor vs Jesse Zane

For the very first match in our new space we brought in underground hottie Forrest Taylor to clash with the ultimate MBW hunk Jesse Zane and let these boys loose in the ring! To say the scene was fierce and hot as fuck would be an understatement. These two always manage to find the perfect blend of hot erotic play with wrestling skill and the results will go down as one of our longest and hottest matches EVER. The erotic charge between the boys is palpable and there are tons of hot holds, rough brawling and naked wrestling to please any fan.

Liam Collins vs Jesse ZaneHD33 min

Liam Collins vs Jesse Zane

When two superstars collide there are bound to be fireworks but isn’t it better if it’s NAKED? Jesse takes the first shift and comes out fast with a nasty bodyslam, a powerful rack, a textbook Boston crab and a neatly nailed tombstone piledriver. The stars seem aligned for Jesse to be the dom but Liam is a slippery punk who rarely gives! He cracks back at Jesse with some ball grabs, gut punching and some ball torture. Once Jesse gets the last laugh you KNOW he will finish his prey. Another tombstone is forthcoming - this time NAKED. Honestly it might be the hottest naked tombstone we’ve ever seen.

Ricky Lee vs Jesse ZaneHD28 min

Ricky Lee vs Jesse Zane

If you are going to grapple you might as well do it naked, RIGHT? Before the trunks come off and the cum flys, these two boys really give grappling a good name. Ricky is a former school wrestler and Jesse is…well JESSE. The grappling is sexy and fast and furious but one thing is certain: Jesse is going to ride, pummel, hump, and humiliate jobber Ricky. And his signature spladle is clamped on Ricky like a vice grip and it has never been HOTTER. They hump and stroke and suck and find so much pleasure being all over each other once mutual orgasm is achieved. Let’s these boys take the edge off!

Rob Steel vs Jesse ZaneHD31 min

Rob Steel vs Jesse Zane

Strap on your singlets! From the get go it’s clear that Rob and Jesse want to have a FIGHT. This will be rough, hot, and with just a smidge of erotic playfulness. This video finds Rob really coming out of his shell and posing for the camera and playing up his phenomenal physique. He flexes for the camera and declares that “Rob is back!” he’s destined to dominate but then again his opponent is super punk Jesse Zane! Jesse rarely let’s ANYONE dominate him and he is up for the challenge. Once the sweaty guys are stripped down to sexy trunks, this back and forth match gets so hot! These two know how to put on a fuckin’ show and our fans will obsess over every second!

Derek Bolt vs Jesse ZaneHD36 min

Derek Bolt vs Jesse Zane

Derek Bolt is a porn superstar and this hot grapple with Jesse Zane will only solidify his rep as the hottest bodybuilder in all of underground wrestling. Bolt enters in pro gear and Zane is in amateur gear. After some back and forth about which style will prevail, Derek starts hammering Zane with body shots and his power throttles Jesse -at first. Once Jesse is in control then the wrestling turns into our signature erotic wrestling mixed with hot sub holds and sensual play. By the end, the sweat will fly, the cum will spew, and our fans appetite will be finally be sated with a super hot Derek Bolt match!

Jesse Zane vs Nick MilaniHD44 min

Jesse Zane vs Nick Milani

Nick & Jesse are both flexible, horny, and love to grapple. These guys are INTO it and each other. Nick succumbs to Jesse’s barrage of erotically tinged wrestling holds mixed in with some hot hair pulling almost like a male catfight. With the sweaty makeout, frottage and jack off session that Jesse uses to finish off Nick we can only marvel at the skill and precision that Jesse executes on his gorgeous play thing!

Masyn Thorne vs Jesse ZaneHD32 min

Masyn Thorne vs Jesse Zane

Jesse loves to play. Who better to own as a play thing then the “boy toy with attitude” Masyn Thorne? Masyn is clearly outmatched by Jesse’s experience, strength, and skill but in case you hadn’t noticed in his previous videos: Masyn is a screamer. He begs, moans, whimpers, shrieks, cries and howls throughout this video and we love every fuckin minute of it. This one can go slow and sensual or rough and erotic, sometimes all at once. It’s a lesson in domination and submission with enough verbal theatrics to keep your interest up and your dick hard.

Kevin Lee vs Jesse ZaneHD44 min

Kevin Lee vs Jesse Zane

Do sweaty makeouts, gut punching and ball torture count as a “tussle”? Underground sensation Kevin Lee is brand new to MBW and he makes the most of it. Both Muscle Boys arrive in sexy all white gear which usually indicates a jobber vs jobber tussle but these boys didn’t get the memo. Neither of them holds back as they lay into each others abs, balls and tongues. And it is fucking HOT to witness!

Luke Maxwell vs Jesse ZaneHD23 min

Luke Maxwell vs Jesse Zane

This is a re-match and this one is definitely more sexy and playful than round 1. Luke seems determined to make out and group young Jesse and Jesse is all in. Whether Luke is riding Jesse’s face with his trunks or asking Jesse “don’t forget about my nipples jobber”, clearly a fun time is being had by both boys. Luke mostly dominates this one (we aren’t complaining) and he gets Jesse is an awesome rack and a severe camel. After nailing Jesse in one of the best tombstone piledrivers ever, Luke takes the opportunity for a lengthy makeup and groping session - we missed you Luke!