Santiago Figueroa

Santiago Figueroa

Santiago Figueroa

Weight: 160 lbs

Height: 5'9"

Santiago Figueroa Videos

Nick Flex & Austin Tyler vs Corey Turner & Santiago FigueroaHD31 min

Nick Flex & Austin Tyler vs Corey Turner & Santiago Figueroa

Tag team action! Nick Flex and Austin Tyler do NOT get along. But when facing a couple of pretty twinks they put aside their squabbles and realize these two twinky jobbers are too tasty to pass up! Corey and Santi arrive in cool joe sunglasses and think “we got this”. What they get is an old fashioned one sided tag team SQUASH complete with double clotheslines, double suplexes, and enough body slams to start an earthquake. This tag team annihilation is one you will watch over and over!

Austin Tyler vs Santiago FigueroaHD26 min

Austin Tyler vs Santiago Figueroa

Austin Tyler is one of MBW’s most skilled pro wrestlers and this back and forth pro style bout shows exactly why Santiago is often underestimated. The kid has got SKILLS! He goes toe to toe with Austin and endures Austin’s power moves and superior sub holds with ease. The pro moves are flying fast and furious so don’t blink or you will miss Austin give Santi the best clothesline you will ever see in the MBW matroom! Santi goes flying head over boots in mid air and that’s just the start of Austin’s incensed beatdown.

Corey Badger Boy Turner vs Santiago FigueroaHD32 min

Corey Badger Boy Turner vs Santiago Figueroa

Santi has the goods on Corey for most of this match and he LAYS into him with ball torture, ab punches, sub holds, and punishing slams. Corey is stripped to a black jockstrap and Santi keeps up the beating. Santi’s MASSIVE cock goes beautifully down Corey’s throat. Corey artfully takes Santi's dick in his ass too! Squash, hump, pump, and dump - HOT!

Jessie Lee vs Santiago FigueroaHD31 min

Jessie Lee vs Santiago Figueroa

This long match is a very HOT back and forth! Once the trunks come off some hot naked wrestling ensues including a super hot double headscissors! Jessie’s ass is nothing short of spectacular and Santi’s horse hung cock is the perfect match for it!

Ethan Slade vs Santiago FigueroaHD32 min

Ethan Slade vs Santiago Figueroa

Santiago is a tall lean hottie who is INTO wrestling! His first MBW match is with ripped superstar Ethan Slade and these two lay into each other with punches, stomps, slams, kissing, and TONS of hot mat holds. After the back and forth battle these two strip down and go full erotic! Ethan’s muscle ass has never looked better and you will love watching it get pounded by a giant dick in multiple positions.