Lobo Gris

Lobo Gris

Lobo Gris

Weight: 172lbs

Height: 5'11"

The Grey Wolf's videos are coming soon!

Lobo Gris Videos

Cash Kellogg vs Lobo GrisHD26 min

Cash Kellogg vs Lobo Gris

When Cash and Lobo enter the MBW mat room, Cash thinks Lobo must be in the wrong place. After a cheap low blow, Lobo takes over the mat room and finally leaves his smirky nice guy persona behind! Wrong place indeed. What follows is the unlikely domination of Cash by the sneaky and athletic Lobo. After some vicious chokes and ball grabs it’s clear Lobo wants to show the fans that he can hang with the bodybuilders and wow does he impress here! Chokes and low-blows are flying back and forth between these two boys and toward the end it is anybody’s guess who will come on on top!

Lobo Gris vs Gunnar StoneHD30 min

Lobo Gris vs Gunnar Stone

As you witness Lobo muscle worshipping the wrestling god known as Gunnar one has to wonder how long before Gunnar puts the boots to the latin boy wonder? Gunnar obviously has the goods to manhandle his slender opponent but there is one tactic Gunnar didn’t plan for: Lobo is gonna wreck his balls and then wreck them some more. Lobo goes rogue and lays the testicle smackdown on Gunnar and wow it is ROUGH! It’s hard to keep a big man down even after you take an anvil to their nuts and yeah Gunnar will rise again and humiliate Lobo in his bright red jockstrap.

Lobo Gris vs Drew HarperHD34 min

Lobo Gris vs Drew Harper

Pretty Boy vs Latin Lover! Drew is damn pretty and his opponent Lobo Gris (aka Grey Wolf) looks a bad boy from a tele novella. Drew has become the jobber of choice lately on the underground wrestling scene which might explain why he blasts out of the starting gate and starts whipping the snot out of Lobo! We wanted these boys to go at it MBW style and they truly deliver the goods!