JT Atlas

JT Atlas

JT Atlas

Age: 23

Weight: 140 lb

Height: 5 ft 5 in

JT Atlas Videos

Chris Cannon vs JT AtlasHD36 min

Chris Cannon vs JT Atlas

Chris Cannon is the ultimate hot heel. JT Atlas is ripped and sexy and even though he has a size disadvantage he gives Chris a great match. These two go back and forth with tons of trash talk and hot moves. At 36 minutes, this long match is packed with action and sexy attitude, Chris chokes JT with his own trunks and both wrestlers are spent after a long hot battle!

Connor O'Reilly vs JT AtlasHD22 min

Connor O'Reilly vs JT Atlas

JT Atlas is fast, flexible and has a ripped rock hard body. Connor is equally ripped and hot but has a real size advantage. Connor has expressed to the CEO that he's sick and tired of his “jobber boy” rep and he sees JT as an opportunity to dominate someone a little smaller than him and maybe rack up a win or two. One problem: not long into it JT declares “know your role jobber” - HOT!