Tripp Evans

Tripp Evans

Tripp Evans MBW Exclusive

Weight: 170lbs

Height: 5'3"

Tripp Evans Videos

Tripp Evans vs Aiden LangstonHD32 min

Tripp Evans vs Aiden Langston

Do you ever just wanna put on some sexy gear and roll around and wrestle? Isn’t it every wrestler’s dream to make out, kiss, hump and grope with a hot muscled opponent who is just as into you as you are into him? Tripp and Aiden were so into each other that at some point we thought we should leave the room and let them have their fun in private. Fuck THAT, we stayed and captured all the erotic play and wrestling holds for you to enjoy.

Zach Ramos vs Tripp EvansHD28 min

Zach Ramos vs Tripp Evans

Who wants to watch a tall & thick pro wrestler go toe to toe with a short & thick pro wrestler? Zach and Tripp are emerging stars on the scene and they are both skilled and INTO wrestling. This superb back and forth brawl is stacked with stiff and rough pro style action that is sure to please our most avid fans of old school pro. The boys look SUPER hot in their pro gear and for true fans of pro wrestling this is the one for you. The guys know their shit and utilize all their knowledge to make this one worth your while!

Tripp Evans vs Andrew ConnorHD29 min

Tripp Evans vs Andrew Connor

Tripp slams, punches and cranks little Andrew but Andrew makes several comeback and is hankering for a real fight. Tripp has lots of muscle and experience but Andrew doesn’t give easily. Watching both of their bare asses roll around the mat room while they make out and grope each other is sexy wrestling at it’s best. Andrew worships Tripp’s cock and then Tripp rides Andrew’s face with some stripper moves that would make Magic Mike hard. These two boys are having the time of their life in our mat room and we know you will too!

Tripp Evans vs Brendan ByersHD30 min

Tripp Evans vs Brendan Byers

Singlets and Thongs! These two boys get horny when they wrestle and wow are they horny for each other! Keep an eye on Brendan’s drippy singlet and the hardons that spring up from both these dudes. They start off doing some amateur grappling in singlets but it soon turns into an all out fight in thongs. Face stuffing and ass sitting are two big themes here, as well as some nasty ball torture. And fans it’s FUCKING HOT. Without hesitation this is one of our hottest ever!

Ty Shadow vs Tripp EvansHD29 min

Ty Shadow vs Tripp Evans

Ty Shadow made one of the most impressive and smoldering debuts in MBW history. This time around Ty has set his sights on humpy Tripp Evans. Tripp is ready and horny to go at it with Ty and both of these Muscle Boys tear into each other with grit and ferocity. There are rough body shots, slams and suplexes, and tons of long held mat holds to please every fans palate. This sweaty back and forth will blow our fans minds and Ty Shadow is on his way to becoming an MBW superstar!

Tripp Evans vs Joey NuxHD29 min

Tripp Evans vs Joey Nux

There isn't a sexier muscled spark plug anywhere in the wrestling world other than MBW exclusive Tripp Evans! Tripp’s wrestling fantasy was to get down with Joey Nux and as we often say, MBW makes dreams come true! The obvious size difference between these two muscled hunks plays out the way you’d expect with Joey dishing out the slams, chokes, punches, and twisty sub holds.

Tripp Evans vs Jax AtwellHD32 min

Tripp Evans vs Jax Atwell

Watching a sexy little tank like Tripp slash his way through this video really makes you appreciate the muscle and pluck this kid has to offer. Tripp is all in and exclusive with MBW and his ceiling is as high as the freakin sky. These two love beating on each other and also go head first into our erotic brutality theme. They love to wrestle, love to get sexy, and love to fight through all those erotic impulses seething under their skin.

Rob Steel vs Tripp EvansHD35 min

Rob Steel vs Tripp Evans

Starting in sexy tight trunks and graduating to "show it all" jockstraps, this sweat soaked stunner will make the summer heat seem like Alaska. This match has all the hallmarks of a classic: long held mat holds, suplexes and slams, and lots of hammering each other's body parts with their fists. What sets it apart is just how much these two boys want to shove their junk and their ass in each other’s faces! Rob Steel vs new boy Tripp Evans is truly one of those magical matches!