Travis Bennett

Travis Bennett

Travis Bennett

Weight: 170 lb

Height: 5 ft 10 in

Travis Bennett Videos

Jesse Zane vs Bo Brady and Travis BennettHD23 min

Jesse Zane vs Bo Brady and Travis Bennett

This is the ULTIMATE two for one ring match. You get to see our exclusive Muscle Boy Jake Zane take on GIANT pro heel Bo Brady one on one. Then you will ALSO see him step in the ring for a short match with the hottest pretty boy in pro wrestling, Travis Bennett! Big Bo and cruiserweight Jake are a total mismatch.

Travis Bennett vs Taylor ReignHD18 min

Travis Bennett vs Taylor Reign

Travis is gorgeous but damn he can wrestle! Trained pro wrestler Travis vs eager newbie Taylor turns out to be a hot combo. Travis starts working over Taylor with slugs and smashes right away. Taylor reverses and gets two early head scissors and starts drilling Bennett’s abs with gut punches.