Gabriel Cross

Gabriel Cross

Gabriel Cross MBW Exclusive

Weight: 150lbs

Height: 5'5"

Gabriel Cross Videos

Gabriel Cross vs Jesse ZaneHD47 min

Gabriel Cross vs Jesse Zane

MBW’s two exclusive super stars FINALLY cross paths and wow do they give our fans a LONG and sexy classic! This is ANOTHER MBW match that’s almost a full hour! At first these boys spend some time flexing, kissing, and worshipping each other’s gorgeous bodies.

Gabriel Cross vs Ian LevineHD42 min

Gabriel Cross vs Ian Levine

How bout a hot sweaty wrestling match and then a flip fuck? Gabriel and Ian say YES! And do it BAREFOOT. In between the playful wrestling these two can’t seem to take their hands off each other's junk or go 1 minute without thrusting their tongues down each other’s throats. You will flip over this flip fuck fest. And did we mention both end up on their backs AND their bellies!

Gabriel Cross vs Sean MaygersHD36 min

Gabriel Cross vs Sean Maygers

Welcome to MBW Sean Maygers! Sean pummels Gabriel with bearhugs, bodyscissors, camels, punches, and chokes. After the hot squash, Sean samples Gabe’s pink ass with his tongue and plows Gabe’s butt in every position known to man!

Gabriel Cross vs AspenHD34 min

Gabriel Cross vs Aspen

Aspen loves to punish and pound on our muscled spark plug Gabriel. He slams, smashes, and pummels Gabriel with tons of slams, plexes, punches, and rough sub holds. Aspen wins in the end and fucks Gabriel’s ass on his back and from behind!

Gabriel Cross vs Van RyderHD55 min

Gabriel Cross vs Van Ryder

Gabriel Cross took a long break from wrestling but he comes ROARING back with this hot match vs newcomer Van Ryder. The action is filled with slams, suplexes, gut punches, ball busts, sub holds, and TONS of erotic play! These two boys make out, suck, fuck, and pummel each other throughout this almost 1 hour vid. Gabriel was looking for some hot wrestling - he DEFINITELY came to the right place!