Mack Mahoney

Mack Mahoney

Mack Mahoney

Weight: 155lbs

Height: 5'10"

Mack Mahoney Videos

Mack Mahoney vs Jack DillonHD29 min

Mack Mahoney vs Jack Dillon

Sometimes wrestling is all about contrast. Jack Dillon is a ripped, tan and a muscled piece of beef. Mack is a scrappy featherweight newbie who just happens to love choke holds. He wants to put the big man OUT and we can’t wait to see if he can pull it off! Mack loves chokes almost as much as Jack likes forearm smashes to the back, the chest and the gut. Two hot wrestlers going all in on the mats will get your pulse racing and your boners throbbing!

Luke Truong vs Mack MahoneyHD42 min

Luke Truong vs Mack Mahoney

Luke Truong is back and he’s on a mission to sexually dominate newbie Mack Mahoney on the wrestling mats. Both these boys enjoy choking and eventually fucking the cum out of each other! Mack may be new to Muscleboy Wrestling but he’s no pushover, he dishes back what Luke delivers and he’s determined to claim Luke’s hole by any means necessary!