Catalog 2 - Muscle Boys Get Rough

May 19, 2017

The Muscle Boys are BACK! And they are in the mood to play ROUGH. 5 new wrestlers make their debut in Cat 2! Check out all 15 new matches and enjoy all the sweaty, sexy, rough action.

Jesse Zane vs Ethan SladeHD42 min

Jesse Zane vs Ethan Slade

This match is erotic submission (and emission) taken to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL. The moment ripped hottie Ethan Slade enters the mat room Jesse Zane decides to dominate and use our new exclusive muscle boy every way possible.

Justin Powers vs DanteHD27 min

Justin Powers vs Dante

Hunky pretty boy Justin is our new exclusive Muscle Boy! He goes against another new face, a musclebound newbie named Dante and both these big boys tear into each other right from the start.

Taylor Reign vs Logan CrossHD24 min

Taylor Reign vs Logan Cross

Pretty boy re-match! The mat match was SO popular between these two Muscle Boys we had to throw them into the ring and see what happens! When these two gorgeous boys go at it in the ring Taylor turns heel and takes to the ring like a fish to water.

Kevin Lin vs Jesse ZaneHD38 min

Kevin Lin vs Jesse Zane

The fans DEMANDED a re-match so we delivered but this time we decided to crank up the sexy and have these boys strip down to SKIMPY jockstraps! If you loved watching Kevin’s hard on in the first match wait till you see him bare assed in an almost see through jock that sculpts his ample junk.

Taylor Reign vs Jesse ZaneHD34 min

Taylor Reign vs Jesse Zane

Taylor and Jake have a thing for each other. And they LOVE to wrestle. After a SMASHING debut against one another on the mats in Catalog One we decided to put them together again - this time in ass bearing jock straps!

JJ Allen vs Justin PowersHD33 min

JJ Allen vs Justin Powers

JJ Allen has a HUGE following in the underground wrestling scene and for good reason! He has legs the size of tree trunks, a shelf ass, a smooth muscled body and a pretty boy face. Speaking of pretty, everyone is obsessed with our new exclusive Muscle Boy Justin Powers.

Connor O'Reilly vs Taylor ReignHD22 min

Connor O'Reilly vs Taylor Reign

When two INCREDIBLY gorgeous muscle boys are hanging around it seemed inevitable we’d have to pit them against each other. Will taller and leaner pretty boy Taylor or humpy muscle god Connor prevail?

Nick Flex vs Connor O'ReillyHD25 min

Nick Flex vs Connor O'Reilly

Bodybuilder Nick gives our exclusive Muscle Boy Connor a total ROUGH pro beatdown. When these two studs first square off and play with each other’s nips and Nick strokes Connor’s muscle butt you might be thinking this could go either way but Nick immediately etablishes control and starts DESTROYING poor Connor.

Jesse Zane vs Bo Brady and Travis BennettHD23 min

Jesse Zane vs Bo Brady and Travis Bennett

This is the ULTIMATE two for one ring match. You get to see our exclusive Muscle Boy Jake Zane take on GIANT pro heel Bo Brady one on one. Then you will ALSO see him step in the ring for a short match with the hottest pretty boy in pro wrestling, Travis Bennett! Big Bo and cruiserweight Jake are a total mismatch.

Bruno the Beast vs Taylor ReignHD32 min

Bruno the Beast vs Taylor Reign

Bruno the Beast returns! And he’s out to prove he’s the muscled heel we always knew he was. Turns out our exclusive ripped Muscle Boy Taylor Reign is the perfect suffering jobber for Bruno to beat the crap out of.

Chris Cannon vs TigerHD24 min

Chris Cannon vs Tiger

Hot chocolate times TWO. From the moment Chris Cannon demanded Tiger to take off his leather vest for him we knew this would be special. Our jacked muscled spark plug Tiger vs tall COCKY Chris Cannon and his loaded trunks is the mouth watering match our fans have been thirsty for.

Bruno the Beast vs Masked BruiserHD27 min

Bruno the Beast vs Masked Bruiser

Who is that masked man? This is a Bruno vs Bruiser ball torture SLUG FEST. Maybe wrestling fans can figure out who the Bruiser is after seeing his bare ass exposed by Bruno’s kinky side. But Bruno may have more than he bargained for because the muscled Bruiser certainly lives up to his name.

Ivan Lopez vs Jesse ZaneHD27 min

Ivan Lopez vs Jesse Zane

Newbie MBW wrestler Ivan is THICK and a total boy toy (and that ASS!). Ivan is so damn hot we HAD to let our resident boy toy Jake have at him. But Ivan came to PLAY boys. He immediately cranks on a hot headscissor as Jesse tries to bridge out of it.

Maxim Apollo vs Viktor PatrovskyHD17 min

Maxim Apollo vs Viktor Patrovsky

Both Max and Viktor both have the classic Russian bad boy attitude (complete with Russian accent) and the muscles to match. Viktor is the taller muscle boy but Max is a ROUGH pro wrestler who isn’t afraid to get stiff while taking the upper hand.

Ryan Donovan vs Nick FlexHD23 min

Ryan Donovan vs Nick Flex

Is it unfair to pit the giant musclebound Nick vs a twinky pretty boy like Ryan? HELL NO! It’s kinda cute to watch Ryan think he has a chance against big Nick and even cuter to see him dance around trying to avoid Nick’s wrath and try some offense.