Artemis Iron

Artemis Iron

Artemis Iron

Weight: 210 lb

Height: 5'9"

Artemis Iron Videos

Artemis Iron vs Johnny GrecoHD29 min

Artemis Iron vs Johnny Greco

Cat 38 brings the return of bodybuilder and Greek god adjacent Artemis to the mat room and what a return it is! He body is made of pure muscled iron and damn does he want to beat the fuck out of Johnny Greco. In a whirlwind of slams, punches, suplexes and forearm smashes, Artemis wants to prove his mettle for the fans while we salivate or over his metal. This dude is so big and powerful he seems to almost dwarf the VERY thick and muscled Johnny Greco. In the end you’ll be left breathless just by the sight of these two hot men going at it with gusto!

Rob Steel vs Artemis IronHD26 min

Rob Steel vs Artemis Iron

Is there anything hotter than muscle on muscle action? Behold two ripped and chiseled tatted gods wailing on each other as if they were trying to beat the trunks off of each other! Rob’s legs are always an especially enticing feature and when his legs are wrapped Artemis’ body, you’d think he was about to pop. Artemis is a newbie but he takes to the mats like a wolf to a lamb chop dinner and DAMN does he love flexing for the camera!