Archie Paige

Archie Paige

Archie Paige

Weight: 170lbs

Height: 5'7"

Archie Paige Videos

Archie Paige vs Lobo GrisHD36 min

Archie Paige vs Lobo Gris

We’ve seen Lobo play the nasty heel before but LO...BO…WHO...KNEW?! He absolutely wails on Archie Paige with a barrage of hot holds and within the first 6 minutes he has twisted Archie up like a pretzel. Archie’s toughness is put to the test and fans we are happy to report he is TOUGH AS FUCK. He withstands Lobo’s onslaught and comes back with some punishment of his own for the Grey Wolf. Little did we know what Lobo’s actual purpose was all along which is to wreck the fuck out of Archie’s balls. Whichever way the hammer falls this match is a prime example of great back and forth wrestling with great moves, hot holds and 2 skilled studs!

Jack Bailey vs Archie PaigeHD41 min

Jack Bailey vs Archie Paige

This one was by special request. Jack had his eye on Archie and asked the boss Rocco if he could have a piece of him to which he responded that it is likely he wants a piece of your ass. The way Archie RIPS into Jack’s body it’s no wonder that he didn’t remove whole chunks of his flesh with his teeth. Later, after a ton of stomps, gut punching, and nipple torture Archie finally gets what he came for which is to give Jack’s ass a proper thumping with his monster cock! Spewing cum also makes a guest star appearance and both wrestlers and our fans will leave sated and breathless.

Monstah Mike vs Archie PaigeHD37 min

Monstah Mike vs Archie Paige

Archie Paige is always full of spit and vinegar when he enters the room. When he sees Mike he can’t help but run his hands all over Mike’s massive pecs while stating the obvious: “that’s very impressive”. Mike is less impressed and within seconds he is pummeling Archie with punches, slams, and humping Archie’s muscled body. Mike loves manhandling boys like Archie and then taking their ass with his cock but today he wants to change it up a bit! Once Archie gets a load of the idea Mike is suggesting his eyes light up like a Christmas tree. Mike wants Archie to fuck his massive ass. The savage plowing that ensues is a humping that will leave both the bodybuilder and the boy plenty satisfied!

Brendan Byers vs Archie PaigeHD34 min

Brendan Byers vs Archie Paige

There is something so primal and hot about watching an eager new Muscle Boy like Archie Paige get his dreams and body trounced by an experienced heel like Brendan. This is Archie’s first foray into the underground wrestling scene and what a scene this squash turns out to be! Brendan loves to demolish boys like Archie and this time he looks especially hungry to swallow Archie whole. In a twist on his usual finisher, Brendan decides to nail Archie with his newly minted “stuffed tombstone piledriver” and it’s hot as fuck. Archie's debut is not to be missed fans!