Ethan Slade

Ethan Slade

Ethan Slade MBW Exclusive

Weight: 145 lb

Height: 5 ft 7 in

Ethan Slade Videos

Taylor Reign vs Ethan Slade vs Jesse ZaneHD24 min

Taylor Reign vs Ethan Slade vs Jesse Zane

For our first 3 way dance we pit 3 pretty boys in hot pro gear and let them go at it inside the Muscle Boy ring! All 3 of these boys have a huge following in MBW and this match will settle who is the toughest boy toy of them all. This being MBW we encouraged the boys to beat the hell out of each other but they also managed to find time for a super hot 3 way make out session as well as lots of stroking, grabbing, and humping each other bodies.

Ethan Slade vs Austin TylerHD33 min

Ethan Slade vs Austin Tyler

The Porn Star vs The Pro Wrestler! We have been looking forward to seeing this one for a long while. Ethan Slade is so damn ripped and sexy and he suffers a beating like he never has before! Hair flip suffering is Ethan’s speciality and with abs you could cut glass with he makes it look ooooh so hot. Austin likes taking apart pretty boys in the mat room and his expert skill is here for your pleasure. He carves up juicy Slade limb by limb, move by move.

Ethan Slade vs Corey TurnerHD31 min

Ethan Slade vs Corey Turner

From barely there trunks to butt shaping jockstraps this match has erotic play written all over it! That said, Ethan Slade has proven he likes to dish out punishment. Playful and sexy at first, the boys size each other up and stroke each other bodies nicely but Ethan takes charge with headsissors, gut punches, and a hot boston crab! As the action flows back and forth smoothly, their ripped lean bodies are rolling in sexy jockstraps that leave nothing to the imagination.

Ethan Slade vs Jessie LeeHD38 min

Ethan Slade vs Jessie Lee

This is what happens when you put two smooth muscled jobber boys in see through skimpy trunks and let them beat the shit out of each other! The barely there gear doesn’t stay on long either. Naked camel Clutch! Naked rack! Naked spladle!

Alex Costa vs Ethan SladeHD27 min

Alex Costa vs Ethan Slade

We put two of our hottest Muscle Boys in sexy gear and let them go at it in the mat room! When they are not making out and humping, Alex and Ethan are drilling each other with gut shots, bodyslams, and piledrivers. Alex powers through most of it but Ethan doesn’t roll over for Alex and get some good licks in! He ends up in a see through jock strap and Alex can’t resist stroking Ethan’s junk in between giving him the walloping of a lifetime!

Ethan Slade vs Leo LuckettHD32 min

Ethan Slade vs Leo Luckett

Ethan and Leo make suffering look SO damn HOT! A ball grabbing contest, surfboards, bodyslams, sub holds, and tons of turnbuckle punishment. After the ROUGH back and forth it's time for the boys to take turns face fucking each other!

Ethan Slade vs Jesse ZaneHD40 min

Ethan Slade vs Jesse Zane

This 40 minute bout in the ring is a re-match of our best selling mat room bout between our two most popular wrestlers Jesse and Ethan! These boys are REALLY pumped up to be going at it again and having an all out battle inside the ring makes it even HOTTER. In the end, Zane decides to blow his cum all over Ethan’s ripped abs and Ethan humps Jesse’s ass.

Ethan Slade vs Santiago FigueroaHD32 min

Ethan Slade vs Santiago Figueroa

Santiago is a tall lean hottie who is INTO wrestling! His first MBW match is with ripped superstar Ethan Slade and these two lay into each other with punches, stomps, slams, kissing, and TONS of hot mat holds. After the back and forth battle these two strip down and go full erotic! Ethan’s muscle ass has never looked better and you will love watching it get pounded by a giant dick in multiple positions.

Ethan Slade vs DanteHD24 min

Ethan Slade vs Dante

Dante transforms into a bad ass heel here with a barrage of bearhugs, bodyslams, scissors, and rough gut slugs - he sits on Ethan’s face for good measure. Nobody suffers as sexy as Ethan and this video proves it! When Ethan makes his comeback he enjoys Dante’s body and makes out with him. Dante finishes the ripped superstar with a NASTY bow and arrow.

Ethan Slade vs Ryan SparksHD28 min

Ethan Slade vs Ryan Sparks

What could be better than when Ethan and Ryan strip off their gear and Ethan strokes his huge dick and spunks a big load all over Ryan’s giant muscled white ass?! Throughout this match bodybuilder Ryan slowly batters Ethan's body and spirit with gut punches, ball grabs, camels, scissors, suplexes, bodyslams, ball grabs, and of course kisses! Ryan might have the biggest ass in the biz but Ethan has that can do spirit and 8 pack abs that look like an over sized washboard. Fans will love watching them get savagely hammered.