Drew Harper

Drew Harper

Drew Harper

Weight: 200lbs

Height: 6'0"

Drew Harper Videos

Joey McCoy vs Johnny Grecco vs Drew HarperHD25 min

Joey McCoy vs Johnny Grecco vs Drew Harper

3 way anyone? No one would ever accuse Johnny of being a jobber which might explain why Drew and Joey decide to team up to work over this beefy stud and use every inch of the ring to do it. Johnny is taken off guard and it helps that Joey and Drew have decided to use ball busting as a means to an (HOT) end. Trapping him in the corner to try and choke him out with their boots and legs also is delicious fun. Then the stomping of the boots to Johnny’s balls begins and we couldn’t be more pleased! The double finisher he lays out Drew and Joey with is almost too good to be true if we hadn’t witnessed it ourselves. Check it out and prepare to be amazed!

Tanner Ripley vs Drew HarperHD25 min

Tanner Ripley vs Drew Harper

The wrestling superstars known as Tanner and Drew are (it has to be said) also known in certain circles as g-string and oil wrestling sluts. We said what we said. These two men just love getting barely naked and rolling around in oil while throwing haymakers left and right. Oil wrestling is inherently sexy and add hot gear only amps up the temperature. Chokes, ball bashing, and plenty of sub holds makes this almost naked and oily video something you’ll want to rub all over yourself multiple times. Pass the oil!

Gunnar Stone vs Drew HarperHD34 min

Gunnar Stone vs Drew Harper

Holy fuck fans, Gunnar Stone is looking as jacked, thick, and HOT as he ever has! Drew is no slouch in pink trunks with lime green posers underneath. Gunnar is filled with arrogance and vinegar and we love to see him in cocky mode. He manhandles Drew all over the four corners with suplexes, racks and a boston crab that provides a beauty shot of Drew’s half hard dick flapping around in those green briefs. Gunnar trap Drew’s cock against the ring ropes as he cranks on his package! And we wouldn’t want it any other way!

Iceman Johnson and Drew Harper vs Johnny GrecoHD36 min

Iceman Johnson and Drew Harper vs Johnny Greco

There are some savage and vicious matches on MBW but there may be nothing to prepare for the brutal beatdown that Drew and Iceman impose on a helpless Johnny Greco. To call this a “two on one” match wouldn’t be fair because Iceman is such a mountain of muscle he really counts as two Muscle Boys all by himself. Drew and Ice don’t just want to work over Johnny - they want to pummel, smother, and destroy him. 2 big muscled studs on 1 thick muscled boy.

Drew Harper vs Tyson CarterHD27 min

Drew Harper vs Tyson Carter

His name is Drew and he’ll be your wrestling coach today. Watching him coach and pummel a jobber like Tyson makes us realize that Drew may have been a heel all along! He dismantles Tyson’s body with glee and to be honest if you are gonna squash a jobber in the ring don’t you think it should be someone as gorgeous and ripped as Tyson Carter? Basically fans, this is a pure example of squashing someone for the simple erotic pleasure of watching a pretty boy get taken apart like a christmas package in July.

Drew Harper vs Leo LangstonHD28 min

Drew Harper vs Leo Langston

Listen up fans, this is the most intense and rough match you are likely to see Drew in - EVER. His experience and ring savvy has grown in leaps and bounds. And he leaps all over Leo with dropkicks and bounds him up in the ropes with vicious punishing blows! This is the Drew Harper show and we are here to worship, wonder, and get off.

Iceman Johnson vs Drew HarperHD24 min

Iceman Johnson vs Drew Harper

As these two squirt oil all over each other’s bodies it would be easy to assume this will be one of those lighter touch scuffles on the oily mats. But just watch how the boys prove you wrong! And did we mention our catalog title was largely inspired by the absolutely VICIOUS way that Iceman wrecks Drews cock and balls? Drew’s thongy neon trunks and Iceman’s cock conturing baby blue banana sack will undoubtedly keep your hard ons raging! And their no holds barred attack on each other will really keep you coming back for more!

Lobo Gris vs Drew HarperHD34 min

Lobo Gris vs Drew Harper

Pretty Boy vs Latin Lover! Drew is damn pretty and his opponent Lobo Gris (aka Grey Wolf) looks a bad boy from a tele novella. Drew has become the jobber of choice lately on the underground wrestling scene which might explain why he blasts out of the starting gate and starts whipping the snot out of Lobo! We wanted these boys to go at it MBW style and they truly deliver the goods!