Taylor Reign vs Logan Cross

The moment we met flexible boy toy Logan we knew we found a STAR! So we signed him to an exclusive contract. This kid is everyone’s jobber fantasy come true. We put him against another exclusive, super sexy stud Taylor Reign. Taylor has a huge fan base but they’ve never quite seen him like THIS! He walks in, takes over, and declares “I’ll be the heel, you be the jobber”. Fine with us! He pummels little Logan over and over. Forearms smashes, stomps, body/head scissors, gut punches, camels, and bostons (Logan’s back is twisted so far back it's almost inhuman). Taylor decides to make things interesting and go in for tons of kisses and stroking of Logan’s pumped bod. He finishes with a devastating tombstone and grinding face pin! And what’s that we see inside Logan’s trunks? Judge for yourself.

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