Jesse Zane vs Connor O'Reilly

Let’s turn up the heat. Musclebound Connor has a tiny waist, a big muscle ass, and giant thick pecs. He starts in a singlet and then strips down into see through white briefs. His opponent is Jesse Zane, a well established wrestling star with fans from around the world. Zane decides he’s had enough of his jobber rep and wants to prove something in this free/pro/sub combo match. This one goes back and forth because Connor is no pushover. Jesse pounds on Connor’s ripped abs and twists him into every conceivable sub hold. Connor responds with tons of punishing holds and decides to strip off Jesse’s singlet and get down to business. Stroking each other’s bodies these two have a love/hate thing going and is it HOT. Zane finishes Connor with spladles, scissors, ball grabs, and then his mouth goes to town all over Connor’s muscle body!

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