Jesse Zane vs Ethan Slade

This match is an erotic submission (and emission) taken to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL. The moment ripped hottie Ethan Slade enters the mat room Jesse Zane decides to dominate and use our new exclusive muscle boy every way possible. Zane pummels Ethan with spladles, scissors, racks, ab stretchers, face sits, crotch sits, ball torture, gut punches, and LOTS more! Then after stripping off all of Ethan’s gear (and his own) the nude and erotic wrestling really heats up. Both these boys roll around the mats naked, hard, and sweaty as they enjoy every inch of each other's bodies while in multiple submission holds. The double shoot is cumming and it does NOT disappoint as both these hard bodies end up covered in sweat and cum. Zane makes Ethan say “I give SIR” and “I give Muscle Boy” so many times you will be SPENT by the end of this one. Note the extra long time length of this match and enjoy all the heart pounding action! Our best erotic match so far. 

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