JJ Allen vs Justin Powers

JJ Allen has a HUGE following in the underground wrestling scene and for good reason! He has legs the size of tree trunks, a shelf ass, a smooth muscled body and a pretty boy face. Speaking of pretty, everyone is obsessed with our new exclusive Muscle Boy Justin Powers. But just WAIT till you see his bad side and watch him TEAR into JJ and work him over ROUGH. JJ ends up with red marks all over his body because Justin smashes his pecs, punches his gut, and throws JJ into a rack, a camel, and a boston crab. But don’t count out JJ's tree trunk legs! When he turns the tables he works over Justin with several PUNISHING body scissors and a facesit. Justin takes over later and grabs JJ’s balls, kisses him repeatedly, and makes JJ worship his legs and abs. Then Justin starts playing with his own nips and makes JJ have a turn on them! Don’t miss out on 32 minutes of HOT action with our two new Muscle Boys. 

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