Connor O'Reilly vs Taylor Reign

When two INCREDIBLY gorgeous muscle boys are hanging around it seemed inevitable we’d have to pit them against each other. Will taller and leaner pretty boy Taylor or humpy muscle god Connor prevail? For a long while the back and forth is pretty even and if you like facesits and head scissors then this match is for YOU! That said, Connor’s ripped abs are just too hot to ignore and Taylor gives that washboard abs plenty of punishment and Connor gives it right back. And to up the ante, these two beautiful studs strip off their trunks and wrestle in tiny see through underwear for the 2nd half of the match! Ultimately Connor defaults back to his sexy jobber status and Taylor works him over in the end. And Taylor is never shy about stroking and humping Connor’s ripped bod. Hot holds include over the knee back breakers, camels, bostons (with ball grabs), and Connor’s signature “play with myself” alone time at the end! 

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